2012’s Xbox Service Alert Issue

Xbox service alert happens every once in a while. Some users even have reported Xbox service alert to happen once a month. This month is the early month of the brand new year, 2012. Of course that we expect good changes, but Microsoft is giving us troubles just a few moments after the New Year’s Eve. Starting from January 1st, some users have felt the Xbox service alert notification, taking them away a step further from their online multiplayer experience. But at least, not everyone is feeling it.

The first time to happen is you cannot sign in to your Xbox LIVE account. When you check your internet connection, it is all fine, up and running smoothly. You can browse the net and watch HD Youtube as smooth as you have always been. But, the problem is you cannot sign in to the account. Panic rises, hacking rumors start, false bans are being gossipped or even gay employees accidentally turned off the server while maintaining the troll face  saying, “U mad bro?”.

Actually this error is just as mysterious and as random as PS3 DNS error. The PS3 connection error happens randomly when our connection is just fine, but we cannot sign in with any of our accounts. The solution ranges from resetting the PS3 and Internet to calling Sony’s official customer support or simply wait in patience.

Xbox Service Alert

Xbox Service Alert

When the Xbox service alert notification in your Xbox 360 shows up in the screen, you do not have to be worried. There are several causes regarding the notification. The most common one is server troubles and heavy traffic that often happens in weekends and holidays. The second one is maintenance. The third one is really rare reason, it is because your account has been hacked. For now, the possibility of getting your account hacked is so small, below one percent. This Xbox service alert notification is positively caused by Microsoft, there is no need to panic and start running around, frantically screaming. As seen in the official Xbox site, the Xbox LIVE account’s status says that users may have difficulties accessing messages in Xbox.com. Some people can’t log in the site, but still can play Xbox LIVE and others may experience the vice-versa. Now, what do you have to do in order to fix it and get back in some multiplayer action?

I emphasize once more, no need to panic and you have to stop panicking (if you are panicking). There are a couple of solutions I can give to you, though the successibility rate is not absolute:
  • Restart your Xbox 360 and Internet connection for 30 seconds or more
  • Phone the official customer support of Microsoft Xbox and ask for assistance
  • Simply wait, sometimes, it will be over in a few hours

It has laughably the same solution as the mysterious PS3 connection error. Sometimes restarting works, and sometimes it does not. Usually, the customer support will only give you the same solution listed above. Don’t worry though, the Xbox service alert is currently being addressed and fixed by Microsoft as stated in the official website. All will be up and running again like normal in no time.