Resident Evil Revelations: Countdown to Release Day

Capcom’s second 3DS release of its most notorious series, Resident Evil Revelations, is set to release on January 26th in Japan. Just a few days more until we can see this highly-anticipated 3DS survival horror game. Some game sites and magazines that already exclusively have the game before the official release date have stated some reviews and thoughts about the game. Resident Evil Revelations have an average score of nine out of ten, which is very great. Some say that the game is one of the best-looking games in 3DS.

The story revolves around the early mission of BSAA between RE4 and RE5, in the middle of the ocean, where an outbreak is happening on an Italian cruise line called SS Queen Zenobia. After decimating Terragrigia, the ecological city build on an artificial land, the bio-terrorist organization called Veltro is back to cause mess by releasing a new variant of T-Virus called T-Abyss into the ocean, infecting one fifth of the ocean. SS Queen Zenobia happens to be the center of the outbreak in the middle of the sea, so, Chris Redfield and his new partner named Jessica Sherawat is sent to take care of the mess. After a set amount of time with no communication with the sent agents, BSAA sent another agents that are Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani to find the missing agents in SS Queen Zenobia.

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations will bring back classic survival horror elements from classic Resident Evils that collaborates with the new aiming system that RE4 introduced to the world. You will take control of Jill in over-the-shoulder point of view while aiming and moving is possible. In Revelations. you can choose to switch the view from third-person to first-person back and forth, like Resident Evil: Dead Aim. The thrill of dark corridors, limited supply of ammo, and more puzzles relive the classic, eerie and terrorizing atmosphere of RE. No wonder that this game has been long-awaited by most gamers around the world.

Capcom promises that Resident Evil Revelations will give you a sweet eye candy, sweeter that sweetroll. It pushes Nintendo 3DS capability and performance to the limit, ensuring the best-possible graphics and gameplay that is made possible by Nintendo 3DS potential. The Mercenaries, previous installment of RE for the 3DS, is actually Capcom’s attempt to figure out 3DS’ potential and capability. With everything figured out, Resident Evil Revelations is promised to run smoothly while maintaining the maximum potential of graphics that Nintendo 3DS can offer.

Now, if you are looking for first impressions of the game, you can search the videos on youtube about trailers and gameplay videos. Other than watching videos, you can try the game yourself by getting the demo either via Nintendo eShop free download or buying The Mercenaries as the pilot version of Revelations is included in it. Whichever you choose, I bet that you will be exaggerated toward this game more than ever.

Well, since this year Capcom has aggressively decided to release three Resident Evil titles in a row, which one will you choose to buy? All of them? Or just Revelations? Let me hear what you say.