BioShock Infinite Features Classical Hardcore in ‘1999’ Mode

After deciding to implement new elements to BioShock Infinite such as the permanent choices of skills, Ken Levine has unexpectedly announced a new game mode called ‘1999’ mode. The mode itself resembles hardcore mode where everything is hard, everything is punishing, everything is relentless. Ken Levine of Irrational Games stated that this mode is created to return the thrilling, rapid-heart-thump-inducing element of survival horror.

The mode is called ‘1999’  based from the year when Ken Levine’s first game, System Shock 2 was released. System Shock 2 is a mix of first-person shooter and RPG similar to BioShock, just with harder, merciless difficulty. Irrational Games is trying to bring back that merciless difficulty to lengthen the lifespan of the game for hardcore players that can’t get enough of vanilla BioShock Infinite. Every step you have stepped and everything you have done, you cannot undo it. Just a little mistake can incredibly affect your entire playthrough. In ‘1999’ mode, Ken Levine wants to introduce a job-like system in BioShock where you only can upgrade your skill specifically only on one skill tree. Meaning, when you choose to master handguns, when you stumbled upon a shotgun, you won’t do any good with it. The hardcore ‘1999’ mode gives you choices and you have to react carefully to it and choose the best possibility for you by looking from your style of play.

Back in System Shock 2, ammunition is extremely limited. You cannot simply run-and-gun, get into some shooting actions all-guns-blazing without getting yourself screwed later. Every bullet you waste in vain takes part in your suffering for the next hours of the game. The job-like system also prompts you to use and take advantage of your selected weapon as good as you can. Failing to do so leads to game over.

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite

Ken Levine and Irrational Games insanely put this mode in BioShock Infinite to satiate the hunger for challenging difficulty for certain gamers. The ‘1999’ mode is not gonna be instantly available in the game. You have to do or achieve something before you can possibly play the unrelenting hardcore mode. It is either locked by codes or game finish. The developer does not want some random curious dudes to get severe frustration and depression by either accidentally or play the mode out of curiosity.

If you love BioShock and challenges, the ‘1999’ mode will not disappoint you. It packs quite a punch to your face. The fear of doing something wrong and limited resources make the survival horror. BioShock Infinite will be released sometimes this year without an exact date. Make sure that you have everything prepared for this game so that you won’t regret if the game is suddenly released out of nowhere. And don’t forget to prepare extra cash and extra controllers for substitution just in case you got yourself overwhelmed with frustration and rage. I believe that the classical hardcore ‘1999’ mode will involve trophies and achievements, which I really love because it spices up the game like crazy. I cannot wait for BioShock Infinite!