All Facts About the Upcoming Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3, the sequel of Mass Effect 2 and also the end of Mass Effect saga, will release in less than three months. This well-known blend of third-person shooter and role-playing game that BioWare develops and published by EA carries new features, including the phenomenal multiplayer mode that affects the single player story. Yeah, it is all about massive chain of effects.

This game is dated to release first on the 6th of March 2012 in North America and on March 15th 2012 in Japan. EA and BioWare has made sure that the game is going to be epic and performs the best out of the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 3 will surely excites you if you are a big fan of action role-playing game developed by BioWare like Dragon Age and Mass Effect itself. Currently, there are a lot of facts about the game and I will happily spill them out here.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 3 following the events of Arrival, most of the universe has fallen to the hand of the Reapers. Shepard is still trying and doing his best to keep the Reapers away and at bay, but despite all his efforts, the Reapers still can breakthrough the defense and conquer the universe including Earth. Shepard and friends are forced to retreat and hide with others and build an army to fight the incompetent Reapers. But, his journey of universe-saving is made much more difficult with the involvement of Cerberus, an organization that revived and remade Shepard that now opposes Shepard for an unknown reason. Shepard is faced with many problems and obstacles as he stands, fights, struggles, and strives for victory. But, will he be able to stop the Reapers? It is your job to help Shepard help the universe! Expect a true experience of great storytelling because Mass Effect 3 has a total of more than eighty minutes cutscenes.

Every single choice you made back in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will play their own impact to the story. The possibilities and variables for it is not less than a thousand. Even though you import your savegame, along with choices and Shepard appearance, you can freely modify and change your Shepard to prevent sudden bore happening in the middle of the game. Well, if you lost the savegame, it is over for you. Don’t be so sad, at least you can still play the game and experience one of the greatest hybrid of action role-playing game and third-person shooters in history.

You will be given three options before starting the campaign. Actually, it is not a story option, instead, it is a game mode option. The modes are Action Mode, Story Mode, and Role-Playing Mode. Hence, the title, Action Mode renders dialogs option to be chosen automatically and focuses the game only on the top-notch actions for players that are less interested in story. The Story Mode renders all combat to be easier and more forgiving while players can manually choose dialog options to delve deeper into the story. The last mode is Role-Pleying Mode that is identical to the common Mass Effect gameplay where combats are not easy nor dialogs are automatically chosen. Choose the one that suits you the most even though I recommend you to rather play the Role-Playing mode to unleash the full potential of Mass Effect 3.

Other than the new modes feature, Mass Effect 3 brings back the squad system with fewer in number. BioWare aims for deeper relationship and more interesting interaction between Shepard and his/her comrades. Most of the available squad members are from the previous installments of Mass Effect games even though there is a statement regarding a new comrade called James Vega, a marine-like character, and also Kai Leng from Mass Effect: Retribution. If you choose to import your savegame, the trust level and partners are based on your playthrough in your savegame. If one of your comrades was dead, he/she won’t come back in Mass Effect 3. Gay relationship is possible as well. just what to expect from BioWare after Dragon Age’s popular same-sex relationship. Keep in mind that your love life in the previous games will return in Mass Effect 3 and can trigger some sort of soap drama triangle-love tragedy. Be careful with that.

About the gameplay, it is similar to Mass Effect 2 with enhanced options of combat and modifications. You can jump obstacles without the need to take cover first, instant melee kills, rolls, and blind fires. Weapon modification is made better by expanding the attachments available to attach. Skill tree is made much more detailed and complex to fulfill what Mass Effect fans want. There will be classic FRAG grenade, weapons from Mass Effect 2, and mining (not like the planet mining). BioWare has significantly increased the difficulty of game by making the Artificial Intelligence much smarter. They no longer fight as pathetic individuals that selfishly shoot for his own sake. Enemies will work as a group to take down Shepard and friends.

There is a four-player co-op called “Galaxy at War” where up to four players can help each other to do special multiplayer missions to increase “Galactic’s Readiness” as it has impact on the final mission of the campaign. In “Galaxy at War” you cannot use Shepard, instead, you can choose and create multiplayer characters from all races with their own speciality. There is also items, equipments, and exclusive skill trees for your multiplayer characters.

Overall, the game is going to be unbelievably awesome and kicks asses. There are exclusive pre-order bonuses if you are interested. Pre-ordering at GameStop will give you N7 Defender Armor and Valkyrie Rifle free, while pre-ordering at EA Origin will net you the awesome M55 Argus Assault Rifle and AT-12 Raider Shotgun, made for busting aliens. If you want free extra contents for Mass Effect 2, spare your time to play and finish Kingdom of Amalur’s demo that was released on January 17th. And the demo of Mass Effect 3 will be available for download on Valentine’s Day this year.

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