MW 3 – Damage Glitch Has Been Resolved

There are some glitches in MW3, some are worse than others, such as the MW3 damage glitch. This has become a disturbance for some gamers, while others would love it to do that. We say this because there is a new bug, which allows you to get more damage on any of the default weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

Anyway we would advise you not to do this though, as you might receive a ban or get demoted as the official press released by Robert Bowling. There have been a lot of debates about this bug, some gamers said that it spoils the MW3 experience and that it’s simply cheating. However, others believe if this bug gets patched then it’s because of the shout of others.

In MW3 damage glitch, cheaters are putting Damage Proficiency onto SMGs and Assault rifles which is normally only available for Shotguns. The MK14 seems to be the most chosen weapon as they can one shot for the kill. In your killcam, you will see if any of the SMGs or assault rifles being used, has the damage proficiency on it. If it has then you have a cheater who is using the Glitch.

MW3 Damage Glitch

MW3 Damage Glitch

Robert Bowling has announced that MW3 damage glitch has been hot-fixed.  This means players will not be able to perform the exploit any more.  He has also stated that they have been monitoring those who have carried out the glitch and will be proceeding to wave the ban hammer in the cheater.

Unlike common title update, this hotfix can be carried out at any time without directly informing the public.  If you’ve been having difficulty carrying out the MW3 Damage Glitch over the past few hours, this is the reason why.  We can expect the next title update to address other exploits soon.

The draw on MW3 Damage Glitch patch will provide the solution for the damage proficiency exploit. Infinity Ward is actually concerned about the bug and is just not only fixing it with the next patch (1.08), they happen to be already working on banning gamers who are using it.

Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, stated that “the damage proficiency exploit is already fixed in the next patch.” “We’re now tracking anyone abusing it and will ban offenders.” Bowling proceeded to explain, “the exploit allowed you to assign Damage proficiency to primary weapon classes that didn’t have it available. No way to do it by accident.” (

Title update #8, patch 1.08, is will available for gamers for download by the end of January, perhaps just in time for the release of the very first MW3 DLC on January 24. Another deed which should receive a fix in the forthcoming patch is the “Prestige Token Glitch“. Bowling explained the main reason a hotfix could not be applied to the Prestige Token issue is because of a “code change” being needed.

Many other glitches should be fixed with patch 1.08, and bellow is an official list of possible Title Update 8 fixes which will resolve MW3 Damage Glitch:
  • Further development to the Spawn system
  • Enhancement to PS3 Mic Quality
  • Some improvements to theater cued up for January release including HD rendering on PS3
  • Fix for Shotgun with Extended Magazine (Prevents them from shooting more pellets than intended)
  • Default : 30 Round Start timer for System Link only, while looking into adjustable timer for System Link games for Competitive Play
  • Options to allow System Link players to 'unlock all' for competitive play in System Link only.


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