The Modern Age 2D Platforming Genius, Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins is an excellent 2D platforming game that is missing from the recent gaming industry. Ubisoft stayed away from the mainstream and created a unique game instead of following the market. And Ubisoft was right, we are missing the classic joy of 2D platformer that is solely made for fun and enjoyable for anyone since we have been force-fed with adult and mature material games where the space for kids is close to nothing.

On the 15th of November 2011, Rayman Origins was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. There is also future release for 3DS, which is dated on the 16th of March 2012. Sony’s next generation handheld console, PS Vita, also gets its version of Rayman Origins that is going to be released on the 22th of next month. First, the game is only going to be released as episodes in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Networks, but in the middle of last year, it was announced that this latest installment of Rayman will be released as a full retail game, making Rayman Origins a major game after years of absence. And that is not wrong, the developer and publisher is totally right for making Rayman Origins a full retail game.

The game begins after the events of the first three Rayman series, despite the title including the word “Origins”. Rayman and friends are taking a snooze, relaxing and peaceful. One day, their snorts and snoozing sounds disturb a grandma in The Land of The Livid Dead and she responds by sending mighty armies of nightmare creatures, wreaking havoc in the Glade of Dreams. The Darktoons sent by the granny kidnapped Electoons, disturbing the stability of the world. This happening made the escape of Rayman’s arch enemy possible, which is Mister Dark.

Rayman Origins feature classic side-scrolling platformer like the old days. The artwork is simply awesome and dreamy. It is unique and very beautiful. The cartoonish artwork in the beautiful high definition does not affect the game’s performance at all, framerate is steady and comfy. In a level, your objective is to collect points, Lums, defeat vile creatures, and free the Electoons to restore the stability of the Glade of Dreams. Through progression, you will unlock upgrades and new abilities to overcome obstacles. You can visit completed stages to get hidden treasures and bonuses that requires you to use skills obtained in later levels. To continue to the next levels, freeing certain kidnapped Electoons is required. Sometimes the cages are clearly visible and sometimes they are hidden somewhere in the stage.

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins

Playing the singleplayer mode of Rayman Origins is not a bad experience, Ubisoft presents it well. The local multiplayer highly increases the replayability value of this game. Even though it lacks the online multiplayer that is popular these days, the local multiplayer is enough to entertain you and your friends. Rayman Origins support up to 4 players in the local multiplayer. The usable characters are Rayman, Globox, Grand Minimus, and Goth Caster. You will feel the fun and excitement with your friends while exploring the Glade of Dreams and repelling the vile creatures of The Land of The Livid Dead.

Old gamers miss this genre. The recent magnificent release of side-scrolling platformer includes Little Big Planet and several other games. Rayman Origins is currently the best available next generation 2D side-scrolling platforming game since the classic Mario series are still missing. You absolutely won’t regret the bucks you paid for it and if you are looking for discounts, now is the time because there are many Rayman Origins discounts all over the internet. You can even grab the game for as low as 30 bucks! Slaptastic!