Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me

The very first campaign download content Duke Nukem Forever, The Doctor Who Cloned Me was released about amonth ago, exactly on the 14th of December 2011. The Doctor Who Cloned Me showed up about half a year after the release of Duke Nukem Forever. I know it is a little bit late, but never mind. It had been awaited by the fans since the days of PSX. It took 14 years for Duke Nukem to revive in next-gen consoles. Well, the 14 years Nukem took are wasted in vain. The original game is simply apeshit with outdated jokes. Heavy disappointment, guys. Will the doctor who cloned Duke Nukem cure the game’s flaws and replace it with better experience that reflects the true Duke Nukem Forever? Let’s see what I have to say about it.

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever

The Doctor Who Cloned Me takes place after the original Duke Nukem Forever ending. The game’s ending is not complete and it is sort of hanging. Without filling the gap, the story continues with Duke Nukem as the main bad ass of the game. This download content relive Nukem’s classic sworn enemy, Dr.Proton.

Duke Nukem wakes up in a lab, tied to a chair with another Duke Nukem in front of him trying to put the real Nukem out of misery. But of course, that is a worthless effort since the real Nukem is immortal. Duke Nukem finds out that he was kidnapped by Dr.Proton. He is being used by Dr.Proton as a clone “father” for his clone army and Proton is finished with Nukem since he is now already able to create the cyborg clones called Dukeinators. The game revolves in the underground facility in Area 51 and also the moon. Duke Nukem fights Dukeinators to find Dr.Proton for the sake of ripping-his-head-off and goes to the moon to bust aliens.

Actually, it is better than the vanilla Duke Nukem Forever. We have more actions, new fun features, and much better one-liners. The action in this DLC is seriously top-notch. The features include new ways of increasing Ego meter like interacting with the Dukeinator, arm-wrestling, playing 8-bit games, and more. The fresh new feature that is available in The Doctor Who Cloned Me first-person platforming puzzle. Well, it is not that good though because the puzzles are retarded and breaking the fun to frustation. About the jokes, it is not about outdated events before 2009 or other ridiculous things, but it is about Duke Nukem’s own thinking of the environment he is in. The one-liners do the job well. The Doctor Who Cloned Me offers brand new 4 multiplayer maps based on the singleplayer campaign. There is also a new weapon called the Enlarger.

The main disappointment of this game is the first-person platforming puzzles that are overly crazing me. The puzzles seem weird and unethical. For what it is worth, if you love Duke Nukem blasting bloody mess, buy it. However, if you are not a fan of Duke Nukem Forever and loathe it, don’t. However, it is indeed an improvement. It is not so bad betting your ten bucks for it though.