Scene It? Box Office Smash Bundles Available for Less Than $25!

Scene It? is a movie and pop culture trivia game. It is supposed to be a party game where a lot of people are in and competing for the best score. Scene It? itself is not a fresh game, the original series was released years ago with continuously updating content to follow the most up-to-date information of recent pop culture and movies.

Scene It? Box Office Smash was released on the 28th of October 2008 solely for Xbox 360. It is one of the first games to support the Xbox 360 avatar. The game itself is similar in genre with the original Scene It?, which is trivia concerning pop culture and movies. It supports up to 4 players.

Scene It?

Scene It? 

The original Scene It? involves rolling dices in the gameplay. Scene It? Box Office Smash simply prompts player to answer questions over specific-themed rounds, 5 questions each. It is very fun and a good party game. The downside is Scene It? Box Office Smash gets boring real fast. Like after several playthroughs, the game will feel dull and sleep-inducing. The most annoying element of this game is the announcer, if you can survive the waves of annoying announcing, you are either really a strong man or a masochist. This game also got a downloadable content called Award Winners that includes 800 new questions and new achievements. It is available in the marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points.

Even though the game is dusty, recently, it got popular recently. It is due to a massive discount at several e-stores. The price is overwhelmingly cheap. By the time I am writing this article, Scene It? Box Office Smash Bundles is priced at around 20 bucks each. A few days ago, it was around 15 bucks. It is incredibly cheap because the bundle includes the old game plus 4 big button controllers. Big button controllers are controllers specially designed for trivia and party game, rendering choosing options easier. The fact is, a lot of people buy this. The item was even sold out a few days ago. Gamers mostly buying it only for the controllers, not the game. Big button controllers are hard to find these days, for your info. The game is outdated and beaten by You Don’t Know Jack, a newer and up-to-date trivia games released last year. The controllers are good peripherals to support rounds of  You Don’t Know Jack. Pop culture and movie knowledge night with your friends will be more fun and exciting with the big button controllers.

Every day, the demand is increasing and it means the price is also elevating. If you want to secure it, whether you will play the game or simply buy it for the sake of the controllers, do it now. You can check Amazon or Best Buy or Gamestop or other e-stores that suit you the best for the Scene It? Box Office Smash Bundles sales. I don’t know why the average price is dropping and there are deals on nearly all e-stores that sell this game recently, but nevertheless, good luck getting your hands on them, guys!