uDraw Shifts for Xbox and PlayStation

The first tablet game in the world has been acknowledged through the creation of uDraw which has been released in 2010 for Nintendo platform of games. The great news is that uDraw has been upgraded for Xbox and PlayStation in November 2011. THQ is the company behind the development of uDraw so that Xbox and PlayStation fans can enjoy the unique features offered by uDraw. Using stylus pen, the game addicts can draw and create the work of arts besides playing game. On Xbox and PlayStation platform, uDraw still has the same features such as painting, toolbox, canvases, coloring books, environments and other similar features. uDraw series on Xbox and PlayStation is created in black mode which is in contrast with the previous uDraw series in Nintendo Wii. Both on Xbox and PlayStation, uDraw has a better performance. Here are the advantages of using uDraw in the latest version on Xbox 360 and also PS3.

Advantages of Using uDraw


1. Slimmer design
Different from previous series of Nintendo Wii, the Xbox and PlayStation uDraw is created in a sleeker and slimmer design that the players can easily operate it without needed to use additional cable behind the stylus.

2. Wireless connectivity
Another benefit from the uDraw series on Xbox and PlayStation is the wireless connectivity which means that the player can contact with another player to do the multiplayer game via internet. This is the best thing that the previous uDraw on Nintendoo Wii can not handle.

3. High definition image
For Xbox and PlayStation, the quality of image might be the most important thing to maintain the position as the pioneer of console games. Therefore, high definition image on uDraw becomes the selling point here since the gamer can easily enjoy the game on the high quality formed in 3D design.

4. Several additional features that will be more interesting in playing games and creating art
By using uDraw, the customers can find the other experiences in playing the high definition games. Several additional features enable the gamers to tilt and pitch even quake the games using uDraw. The wireless connectivity from this device can be used for controlling the characters from some meters distance. It is going to be a new experience in playing games because the players can play the board and stylus at the same time. Besides, the users can draw and create an artwork using this tool. uDraw is completed with some features that enable the users to create an artwork by drawing and coloring it.

Both of Xbox and PlayStation seems really optimist for the product of uDraw in the future. The unique concept offered by uDraw may inspire both of those console game vendors to develop a better and newer way of playing game using stylus and the devices found on uDraw. The target market for this game might be children but adult can also use it for the advance level of games built by Xbox and also PS3.