The Dissapointment on Newest Version of PS3 4.0

PlayStation has been really popular for its position as the phenomenal console game in the world. With the first edition of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 also PlayStation 3 as its successors, this company has successfully created a breakthrough system in the world of game. Recently, PS3 4.0 is available to upgrade that the users of PlayStation can easily play the game. However, the wish that PS3 4.0 can be the alternative way for the PlayStation fans have been degraded since the users now find that the newest version of PS3 has caused so many problems. One of them is the unwanted freezing on this console game. The freezing problem has been complained by so many users of PlayStation 3 since they can not upgrade the version of PlayStation 3 with the newest one. This PS3 4.0 can not be applied on some of the games since the users will meet the freezing point when they are trying to upgrade the oldest version with the latest one. This disappointing result from PS3 4.0 encourages some vendors of the game to reduce the series of games which will be stored to the high defined game maker such as PlayStation.

PS3 4.0

PS3 4.0

The producer of PlayStation, however, has not been serious in responding the complaints toward their product. If it is continuously taken, the producers will get loss in a shorter time. The recent games which can be played in the platform of Xbox and Nintendo can not be taken sometimes in the platform of PS3 4.0. With some of degradations on the latest PS3 4.0, the fans of PlayStation will be disappointed moreover when the Sony company do not give the meaningful responds toward their complaints. As a pioneer on the console game making, PlayStation which has created the series of PS3 4.0 should be very responsible for the mistakes they make.

Then, what Sony do in responding the problems related to the degradation of their products? They will not keep quiet however. According to some news, the product of PS3 4.0 will be withdrawed from the market so that the company can fix those biggest problems. PS3 4.0 will be changed into a friendly programs so that the gamers can use it without getting freezed when the game are installed. The promise coming from Sony as the producer of PlayStation is hoped to make the users feel comfortable in using the latest version of PlayStation. Although the release date of 4.0 series of PS3 is close to the release date of PS Vita, the company still has a high expectation toward their latest product launched on the market. The series of 4 is being released on Japan as the mainland recently but in the close time, PS3 4.0 is hoped to be majoring all platform of console games in the world. It seems that PS3 4.0 has a brighter future in the world of game especially the games that are created in the mode of high definition image.