Tips and Tricks on Skyrim Dragons

Skyrim dragons are one of the key features and story of Skyrim. The game’s primary bad guy itself is Alduin, the nasty dragon that comes from the ancient time to conquer Tamriel. In Skyrim’s era, the dragons are never seen for centuries. The first Skyrim dragons that showed up after centuries of absence destroyed Helgen, the city where the dragonborn were going to be executed. Skyrim dragons aren’t like usual dragons. Skyrim dragons are intelligent, tactical, and they can talk! Upon killing a dragon, they will burn to ashes and the dragonborn will absorb the dead dragon’s shout power. Skyrim dragons sometimes give players hard times. Well, they won’t actually, if you know how to deal with them.

Before you start slaying Skyrim dragons, you got to know the basics. There are a 7 types of Skyrim dragons:

Skyrim Dragons

Skyrim Dragons

Black Dragon
The first Skyrim dragons that you encounter in the game is the Black Dragon type. The Black Dragons can use fire shout attack to pulverize their foes.

Blood Dragon
The second one is Blood Dragons. They will start to randomly spawn when you hit level 15 and will become very common when you are at level 20. They have a crest at their heads and a flap at their tail. They are able to breathe fire and frost at the enemies. Or even a combination of fire and frost.

Frost Dragon
The third one is Frost Dragons. They have white scale and spikes on their back. They use frost attack to damage the health point and stamina point of the player. It also slows down the player, making it quite deadly for noobs. They can be found when you are at level 20.

Elder Dragons
The elder dragons are Skyrim dragons that have bronze skin and the one that mostly give hard times to noobs. They breath both fire and frost shout power. They are one of the top-class dragon that has deadly and crippling attack. They have high health points and defense.

Ancient Dragon
Ancient dragons are mighty. They can breathe fire and frost, also capable of using the Unrelenting Force shout power. They have red skins, spiky body, and black spot on their body. They will start to show up randomly to give you “ass-ache” as soon as you hit level 30.

Red Dragon
There is only one red dragon in Skyrim that you will encounter on a main quest. The name is Odahviing, Alduin’s servant.

Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal dragon are dead Skyrim dragons that is resurrected. Maybe zombie dragons suit them better. They cannot fly and they are soulless. Unlike other dragons, Skeletal Dragons are found in underground caves and dungeons. You cannot gate dragon scales nor dragon souls from Skeletal Dragon, instead, you will get double the amount of dragon bones from looting them!

Now, if you want to fight a dragon, make sure you bring potions and foods just in case it gets catastrophic. Bring a decent bow or spell to bring down the dragons. A poison arrow or bow will be good. When the dragon is going to land, shoot arrows at his wings so that he will fall and susceptible to your next attack. Also, damaging an elemental dragon with the counterpart of his element is very effective. Use the shout Dragonrend to make him land and crush him with your melee weapon. Using a shield to whack a dragon is proven to be a good idea. Bashing your shield at his face will cancel his action and you can start slashing your sword onto his face. If have a high sneak skill, you can kill him in one hit using sneak attack. To defend from his attacks, using enchanted elemental armors and elemental-defense-enhancing potions will really help you. If you are using an orc, slaughtering a dragon will be hell a lot faster using Berserker’s Rage.

Now that you have known the trick, the Skyrim dragons won’t kick your ass anymore. Congratulations, now you are officially a kickass dragonslayer!


bazola said...

also you could do the dark brotherhood quest line until you get shadowmare and she will keep dragons busy (she's immortal , altough she can die from high falls), while you beat the seven sausages out of the dragon's .