SWTOR Guide - Aeon Vs. Killer

SWTOR guide is heavily demanded in this kind of time since it has been 4 days (in my timezone) since the release day of the earth-shattering, mind-blowing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that serves you insane coolness and epic world, Star Wars: The Old Republic. When you search on “SWTOR guide” in your favorite search engine, some website will show up. Some of them are fake, crappy websites. The others are incomplete sites. And you will of course stumble upon this 2 SWTOR guides in the internet. The Infamous Aeon guide and the guide that kills, Killer guides. The problem is, which one is better? Which one is cheaper? Which one is more noob-friendly? Which one is freebie? The fact is, none of them is freebie! But of course, priced guides means better guides, right? Spending more on better quality is worth it. Well, they should be.



Aeon’s SWTOR guide is called the “Mastery” guide. Hence, the name, it is really helpful to master all elements of the game. The Aeon “Mastery” guide will guide us step-by-step to be a great player. Leveling, crew skills, companions, kick ass PvP builds, credits-making tips, and all about SWTOR explained in detail, all in one guide! The writers are all experienced Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game players from legendary guilds of World of Warcraft and Rift.

There are two versions of the Aeon guide. The first version is the “Faction Mastery” version. “Faction Mastery” consists of 2 guides about how to master each faction. The “Republic Mastery” with the cool blue-lightsaber-wielding Jedi Guardian pic and “Empire Mastery” with the evil-faced Sith Juggernaut staring at you from the cover. It will cost you sweet 37 bucks for one “Faction Mastery” guidebook this time. The second version is recommended since it is only 10 bucks more expensive, but double the content! It is called the “SWTOR Mastery” guide. It is the combination of the “Republic Mastery” and “Empire Mastery” guidebooks. You will also get the newest update of the guide and upcoming SWTOR guide with no extra charge whether you buy the faction package or the pro SWTOR guide package! It is highly recommended for noobs, casual players of MMORPG, or even legendary players. For your info, the prices are promotional. The normal price of the faction package is $47 and $97 for the pro mastery SWTOR guide package.

Now for Killer guides. Killer gathers all sources of SWTOR guides from the wikia and also freebies site then combine them into one for easier and more comfortable guide. The Killer guides consist of job guides, leveling guides, and credits guides that is priced at $29.99 and $39.99 each. If you buy it all in the Killer guides bundle, you will save hell a lot of bucks. The bundle is priced at 89.99 bucks. So, the price is AEON guide’s twice and the content is not much different. But I tell you what, the design of Killer is sleek and futuristic, it suits the game.

Aeon guides and Killer guides are all good guides with their own flaws. If you got the money, buy Killer guides. But if you can’t afford it, get Aeon SWTOR guide instead.