SWTOR PvP: War in the Warzones

SWTOR PvP features several PvP system, a mini-game-like system called Warzone that is similar to Battleground in World of Warcraft and the common, different-faction dueling system. In the Warzones, players are pitted to fight against each other to complete their objectives. Dueling system is provided for players that love to boast their crappy skills or just randomly beat the hell out of some random noob out in the wild. SWTOR PvP will surely satiate your bloodlust and hunger for some bloody flashy action against other players, one style or another. This article focuses on the SWTOR PvP Warzone.

Warzone is an objective-based SWTOR PvP. So, the Empire soldiers and the Republic warriors are crammed together in an area with objective(s) to complete. The first faction to complete the objective(s) is the winner. This SWTOR PvP can be accessed from anywhere in the universe. There is a reward system in every SWTOR PvP Warzone. You will get experiences, credits, and redeemable tokens. PvP Gears and equipment can be redeemed with the tokens. To get in the Warzone, you have to queue yourself first. When your turn is up, you can immediately teleport to the SWTOR PvP Warzone.



So, there are currently 3 SWTOR PvP Warzone types available: Huttball, Voidstar, and Alderaan. Each of them has different objectives. Let’s talk about Alderaan Warzone first. It is an 8 versus 8 PvP to battle for a planetary defense cannon. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s dropship. In the start of the battle, players are spawning from a drophip above the planetary defense cannon and provided with speeder bikes to get down to business. The cannon is the center of the war. It can be seized by either faction any time. Red means the Sith Empire and blue means the Galactic Republic. There is a control system below the cannon. Capturing is done by “slicing” the control system. Poking the capturing player will cancel and reset the progress. The first one to successfully drop the opposing faction’s dropship will take the prize.

The second one, Voidstar. Voidstar is the name of a bloody ship where the Warzone takes place. Two teams, switching places as defender and attacker per round. The attacker’s objective is to download the top-secret data in the core computer deeply buried in the ship, highly-guarded by the defender. The team that successfully downloaded the data wins. However, if no one is good enough to download the data, the team that is able to advance closest to the computer core wins.

This is the interesting and unique part of SWTOR PvP Warzone, Huttball. Hutt is an evil species with bouncy and squishy body along with stubby arms, huge eyes, and enormously wide mouth. Huttball is some kind of deadly game show held by the Hutt cartels in the planet Nar Shaddaa. The players are divided into two teams, randomly chosen by the Hutt. In Huttball, same-faction battle is possible. The two teams which consist of Empire and Republic players combined are fighting for a ball. Yeah, the Hutt’s ball. To score the ball, each team has to grab the ball in the center of the arena to the enemy’s endline. The ball is an explosive that the Hutt will detonate if you show a boring performance by keeping the ball to yourself without doing any effort to score. It won’t be that easy because the arena will be littered with traps and also power-ups. Violence and cunning are recommended. Somehow, it reminds me of PS2 game titled “The Shadow of Rome”.

Now that you have known what SWTOR PvP Warzone is, why don’t you start queueing?