SWTOR Talent Calculator is Essential?

SWTOR talent calculator is a very useful tool. Well, generally, a talent calculator is used to plan a build. This is not a rare tool for games, especially for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that requires you to be careful in choosing skills and classes as it impacts your style of play greatly. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, there is indeed a respect feature, meaning, you can take back all your skill points spent at skill tree to re-spend them at other skill tree for a price. Respec cost will scale up each time you respect, so, to avoid further credits spent in vain, SWTOR talent calculator comes in handy.

There are a lot of websites that offer SWTOR talent calculator to help you plan your character final build that fits your style of play well. The tool usually has an option to embed it to your website, making it a great tool. But, to maintain its quality, every talent calculator developer has to update their calculator every time a new update is released. Every talent calculator is different in style and shape, but has the same general purpose. This is 3 out of many sites that offer SWTOR talent calculator along with the quick overview:

SWTOR Talent Calculator

SWTOR Talent Calculator

This is my favorite SWTOR talent calculator site. The design is stylish and simple and it is user-friendly. There is an option to reset skill points in a skill tree and even reset all. Tooltips are available for all skills, though the cooldown time is not included. To see the tooltips, just put the cursor over your chosen skill, and there you are. The link to share your build is always available in your browser’s address bar and always updated every time you spend a point on a skill to make it easier and simpler to share links. Your build can also be embedded to your site! The downside is that you cannot use the backward or forward feature of your browser because it breaks the calculator’s behavior.

R2-DB provides you with an exceptional talent calculator. This site’s calculator is similar to Torhead’s, but with different layouts. This one does not get behavior-break when the history traversal feature of a browser is used. The tooltip is underlined so that it will be easier and more comfortable to read. It has a big design. The downsides are, not all skill images are available and there are some uncompleted tooltip. R2-DB seems to have joined with Torhead.

Darth Hater DB
This is calculator has the same weakness as Torhead’s, history traversal with the backward or forward button will break its behavior. The URL will also be automatically updated in the address bar every time the user changes the skill point usage. It is also the only talent calculator with full tooltip information, including cooldown time. The layout is neat, mirror advanced classes are paired at the bottom of the page. But, there is a typo and wrong pairing. Like the Maruader which is supposed to be Marauder and the Jedi Sage/Sith Assassin pair that should have been Jedi Sage/Sith Sorcerer or Jedi Shadow/Sith Assassin. Embedding it to your website is possible.

Since SWTOR talent calculator is important, you got to choose the best site. Which one is your website of choice?