Small Egg WoW = Bags of Golds!

Small egg WoW is an item that is dropped mostly by bird-like monsters. Even though it is small, this item has a high reputation. Small egg WoW is one of the most searched items in the game especially in this kind of time, Winter Veil 2011. Because of that, you can take advantage of this situation to get as much profit as you can with this small egg WoW before the event ends.

Why it is pretty popular? Small egg is one of the ingredients needed to cook Egg Nog and Gingerbread Cookies. Those two foods are 2 out of 3 requirements for the legendary achievement, The Winter Veil Gourmet. And this achievement is needed to get the Merrymaker title, which is essential to get the Proto-Drake and 310% flying skill freebie. Other than that, Gingerbread Cookies are also the requirement in completing “Treats for Grandfather Winter” quest. Small egg WoW is highly-valued in the Winter Veil event.

Small Egg WoW

Small Egg WoW

In order to complete the quest and the achievement, players are forced to farm or to buy it in the Auction House. Because the demand is much higher than the available stock, the price is “profitable”. There are two types of player regarding this problem. The lazy players, freebies lovers, and opportunity chasers. The lazy players are too lazy to move their ass out of the city. So, they rather spend their hard-earned coins to buy small eggs in a high price than going out in the wild fighting some guy over a small egg. Freebies lovers don’t want to spend their coins at all, so, they go kill under-leveled poor birds for their eggs and will stop hunting when the required amount of eggs is reached. The plan is to be the opportunity chaser. You will be getting eggs from birds with the best drop rates, and sell it in the auction house. If you are brave enough, you can be a monopolist of small egg WoW in the 12 days of Winter Veil.

First, you got to know where to look. Hunt the Dragonhawks in Eversong Wood just out of Silvermoon. Look for Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings and Crazed Dragonhawks. They are only level 6 monsters and bound to drop small eggs. Don’t forget to clear some space in your bag because this will be an egg fiesta! The dragonhawks are usually found in packs and groups, they respawn relatively fast, and has the drop rate of small eggs at 100%! And sometimes, they even drop 3 small eggs at once! Your bag will be full of small eggs before you know it.

Now that you have got the things to sell, go sell it in the Auction House. Set the price in the average range, not too cheap and not too expensive. Sell them in a pack of five and one. The lazy players will of course buy the pack of five because that will fulfill their need instantly. While the lazy-freebies hybrid type of player will buy singles because they already got some in their inventory and cannot stand the boringness of farming. Voila! You will net a good amount of money, nice and neat! If you have lots of small eggs or the time for the end if Winter Veil is drawing close, you should set a wholesale price instead of average price.

So that was it. But if everyone is selling small egg WoW based on this guide, who will buy?