SWTOR Builds: Deceiver Sith Assassin

One of the most versatile classes that has the best SWTOR builds is the Sith Assassin, Sith Inquisitor’s advancement class. Assassin can be played as a tank, a stealth damage dealer, or unique SWTOR builds that combine melee and ranged attack. This article will tell you about the SWTOR builds of Deceiver Sith Assassin.

Deceiver Sith Assassin has the strongest damage dealer build among other mirror SWTOR builds. Stealth Sith Assassin focuses on the Deception skill set. Stealth Sith Assassin mainly utilize the skill Surging Charge to stealthly kill the opponent. It is a class made to serve the sole purpose of close-range battles because it does not have any good 30 meters ranged attack and no skill to quickly close the gap between players. In exchange, Deceiver Sith Assassin has the control in a battle and the strongest damage dealer among other Assassin-like specialization.

SWTOR Builds

SWTOR Builds

There is 6 SWTOR builds that are best for this style of play. They are Chain Shock and Armor Piercing for PvE and Variant, PvP Chain Shock, PvP Armor-Piercing, and High Regeneration Backstab Spam build.

PvE Chain Shock (2/31/8)
This build uses the Shock and Thrash ability along with Induction, Maul, and Chain Shock. Hence, the name, this build will deplete the opponent’s health with chain of Shocks continued with Thrash and extra damage by using the skill Maul.

PvE Armor-Piercing (5/33/3)
Armor-piercing build is a build designed for stealth single-target kills. But, the build is unbelievably good at Area damage for a single-target playstyle. Using this build means you will be a backstabber a lot. With the Exploit Weakness plus Maul in the stealth mode or blackout, you will cause a catastrophic damage to your target of assassination.

PvP Armor-Piercing (5/33/3)
Armor-piercing for PvP is not bad. It is similar to the PvE SWTOR builds. For the first attack, you can use Maul, Voltaic Slash, or Spike for opener. Maul will hit your target really hard and you can start attacking your target with chain attack. With Spike, you can stun your enemy and plan your attack carefully. Voltaic Slash is the alternative of Maul, it inflicts a rather good damage with lower cost. Just remember to slow your target every time the skill is available because your area of slaughter is only 10 meters, beyond that and your victim is out of your reach for good. Also, you are possible to be a team player with this build. Use Mind Control when the enemies are frantically attacking your mates. This ability will weaken the victim’s damage by 30% for 6 seconds unless the victim attacks you. To prevent that, disappear into thin air by using the Force Cloak and you can continue Mauling you targets.

PvP Chain Shock (0/33/8)
Very similar to the PvE build. It is better for PvE, still outpowered by Armor-Piercing.

PvP Variant (11/30/0)
The system is similar with armor-piercing, but it sacrifices bursts in trade for speed.

PvP High Regeneration Backstab Spam (18/23/0)
This build works just like the name. Spam Backstabs with this build to humiliate your enemy and yourself. You will get extremely powerful damage output. But, your force points will regenerate far slower than other SWTOR builds, making Backstab Spam a short-time monster.

That was the SWTOR builds for Deceiver Sith Assassin. But, you can experiment with your own SWTOR builds if you want to!