Old-School Wrestlers Return in WWE ’12

The time has finally come! The next pro-wrestling game is out! WWE ’12! THQ has been releasing a lot of wrestling game titles like WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw series and WWE All Stars, and this year, THQ decided to release another pro-wrestling game based on PPV program, dubbed WWE ’12. WWE ’12 has been out for about a month since it was released on the 22th of November 2011 in North America. This game is released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, making it an exclusive release to current generation game consoles. WWE ’12 gives die-hard wrestling fans a good time. WWE ‘12 will give you wide variety of roster, starting from 80s and 90s wrestling superstars to the newest superstars. The Rock, Kane, The Undertaker, Vader, Shawn Michaels, and much more superstars are playable in this game.

WWE ’12

WWE ’12

There will be also new grapple system. The previous installments allow you to choose whether to use a strong or weak grapple on the opponent. The developer, Yuke’s, has removed that feature in WWE ’12. Instead of that, WWE ’12 will grapples will vary depending on the opponent’s physical states. A wrestler in downed state is not completely a sleeping beauty. We have the chance to attack when in the downed state. It is harder to knock-out or be knocked-out because wrestlers take more damage. Wake-up taunts can make downed opponents stand for a finishing move. The pinning meter and submission meter has also been improved to make it harder. More importantly, Yuke’s has also improved the crappy artificial intelligence so that we cannot abuse the AI so easily with the same move over and over.

Now what about the modes? Ahoy, the old modes are back along with new, brilliant modes, kids! In the “WWE Universe” mode, you can play various type of event with random superstars. Imagine Mark Henry, Kharma, and Kane in the same ring. A 2 vs. 1 event, Mark Henry and Kane versus Kharma alone. What will happen guys? Fantasize that yourself. In WWE ’12, there is also a mode with storylines called “Road to WrestleMania”. You can choose one of the three storylines. Each storyline last for about 12 hours. The first storyline is about Triple-H being a hero that saves the day, a villain superstar called Sheamus, and I personally love the final storyline, which is the story of your custom wrestler named Jacob Cass. And the last mode that I like the most is the creation mode. You can create your own superstar along with the moves set, entrances, and storylines. You can also make your own arena. I can spend hours of my free time just messing with the creation mode! I used to make bald girls with oversized muscles and a body full of gay tattoos.

WWE ’12 now has a grand total of 77 rosters, 14 of them are DLC and 4 of them (Batista, Macho Man, Brodus Clay, Mick Foley) have not been released yet.

I believe that some of you will fall in love with this game at the first sight, but others may loathe this game at the first minute of gameplay. But WWE ’12