Multiplayer Battlefield 3 Vehicles List

Battlefield 3 vehicles are the main feature and trademark of this game. Battlefield 3 vehicles are the things that make Battlefield 3 stands out in the FPS genre. There are varieties of Battlefield 3 vehicles categorized according to their class, which are: Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Mobile Anti-Aircraft, Transport Vehicles, Scout Helicopters, Battle Helicopters, Jets, and Naval Crafts. I will list all available Battlefield 3 vehicles in the multiplayer mode and the short description about weapons and seats.

Battlefield 3 Vehicles

Battlefield 3 Vehicles

Main Battle Tanks

M1 Abrams
This MBT is really popular in the series. And M1 Abrams comes back in the Battlefield 3 vehicles list. This tank is US force’s main battle tank. It has 2 seats for driver and co-driver. The driver can shoot from the main cannon and can optionally equip coaxial LMG or HMG. Co-driver shoots with HMG.

T-90A is Russian force’s tank, counterpart to M1 ABRAMS. Has the same ability with M1 ABRAMS, I just think that T-90’s camouflage is way cooler than ABRAMS’.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

US force’s main IFV, has high top speed and capable of carrying 6 soldiers. The driver drives and shoots chain gun, co-driver shoots HMG, and the rest are passengers that can shoot from the sides via the Port Firing Weapons. It can be equipped with guided missile and anti-air missile for extra firepower.

Counterpart ro LAV-25, this one is Russian Forces’. The same capability with LAV-25. Instead of using M2 Browning as its co-driver’s HMG, BMP-2M uses KORD HMG. Appears in medium to heavy vehicle battle maps. Can be “sprinted” by pressing the sprint button. Amphibious like LAV-25 and AMTRAC.

An IFV exclusive to Back to Karkand DLC maps. Appears in Russian Forces’ main bases. Looks like LAV-25.

Mobile Anti-Aircraft

Anti-aircraft variant of LAV-25. It has only 1 seat for driver. LAV-AD uses 6-barreled machine gun to take down enemy aircrafts. The vehicle is not available in the main maps of console version, it only appears in Wake Island. While the PC version has it in Operation Firestorm and Noshahr Canals.

9K22 Tunguska-M
Before the update, Tunguska is a deadly vehicle in Noshahr Canals. It has the capability to destroy Transport Vehicles aside from its anti-aircraft purpose. Now, Tunguska holds the main key to defend the bases in Noshahr Canals rush since it has crazy fire rates. Other than taking down aircrafts, it is also useful to shoot at infantries and provide suppressive fire.

Transport Vehicles

Transport Battlefield 3 vehicles are tactical vehicles to carry personnels. This one is an amphibious IFV that can “swim” across water. The driver just drives and the 2nd passenger can shoot grenades via the grenade launcher. The weapon for the second passenger can also be changed to HMG by pressing the change weapon button. Used by USMC in the Attacker side. It is categorized as transport vehicle due to its lack of firepower.

Growler ITV
ITV stands for Internally Transported Vehicle. It has three seats for players. One driver, one .50 cal machine gun operator, one passenger that can use his personal firearms. It is fast, but has minimal protection. The passengers can easily killed by small arms fire, two rocket or MBT’s main cannon hit will blow this vehicle to oblivion. Actually, one cannon shell direct hit to the Growler ITV is enough to decimate the passengers. USMC’s vehicle.

HMMWV has the same speed as Growler ITV and has 4 passenger seats. The machine gunner controls a remote-control-operated HMG. It is more armored that Growler ITV. Immune to any small arms fire, but explosions damage it.

VDV Buggy
VDV Buggy is Russian Forces’ counterpart to Growler ITV. The same specification.

GAZ-3937 Vodnik
Sworn enemy ofthe Humvee. Similar ability to M1114 HMMWV.

DPV Jeep
Exclusive Transport Vehicle that only appears in Back to Karkand maps. Very fast and reliable. Susceptible to small arms fire and explosions.

Skid Loader
This vehicle does not have any function for combat. No mounted guns, no protection from small arms fire, and slow. But, roadkilling an enemy with this will earn you a trophy/achievement.

Scout Helicopters

AH-6J Little Bird
Scout helicopters swift, fast, and lightly-armored. Little Bird is a 4-seater USMC Scout Helicopter. Equipped with machine guns to attack infantries and transport vehicles. Susceptible to small arms fire and explosions. Since it only has regular glass, you can simply kill the pilot with your guns and the helicopter will fall with no pilot.

Russian Forces’ counterpart to Little Bird. The same capabilities.

UH-1Y Venom
It is a 5-seater transport helicopter equipped with two mounted machine guns on the sides for two passengers to operate. It can become a “Flying Fortress” if there are two passengers that repair it from the fourth and fifth seat. You can headshot the driver or passengers to end the “Flying Fortress”

Attack Helicopters

AH-1Z Viper
The attack helicopters in Battlefield 3 vehicles are equipped with missiles for the pilot and gatling cannon for the co-pilot. A deadly anti-ground vehicle. This one is USMC’s.

Mi-28 Havoc
Counterpart to Viper. Swift and high maneuverability.

Ka-60 Kasatka
Russian Forces’ attack helicopter that can only be found in Operation Firestorm. Kasatka means Orca, it is in Russian.


F/A-18E Super Hornet
The jets play a huge role in Battlefield 3 vehicles maps. This jet is USMC’s. A fast jet. Equipped with machine gun for the default weapon that is effective to destroy other aircraft or ground vehicles. This kind of jet is effective for dog fights and decimating enemy aircrafts.

Su-35BM Flanker-E
Counterpart to Super Hornet.

A-10 Thunderbolt
This jet has slower top speed and no afterburner because it specialize in air-to-ground battles. It has stronger machine gun to penetrate MBTs’ armor.

Russian counterpart of Thunderbolt.

Back to Karkand exclusive jet. This jet has a poor performance in dog fights. But, it has hover mode that is effective for air-to-ground attack, capturing flags in conquest, protecting M-COMs in rush. Just hold down the brake button to activate the hover mode.

Naval Crafts

The one and only drivable naval vehicle among Battlefield 3 vehicles. Has 4 seats and a mounted machine gun.

That was the complete list of Battlefield 3 vehicles. There are sure a lot of Battlefield 3 vehicles, right?