Battlefield 3 Maps List

Battlefield 3 maps mainly take place in the Middle East and Europe. There are currently thirteen Battlefield 3 maps including the Back to Karkand DLC maps. There is one infantry-only map, which is Operation Metro; two light vehicle Battlefield 3 maps, which are Grand Bazaar and Seine Crossing; five moderate vehicle Battlefield 3 maps: Damavand Peak, Tehran Highway, Noshahr Canals, Sharqi Peninsula, and Strike at Karkand; and 5 heavy vehicle Battlefield 3 maps: Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Kharg Island, Gulf of Oman, and Wake Island 2014. All Battlefield 3 maps are playable in all modes.

Battlefield 3 Maps List

Battlefield 3 Maps - Operation Metro

Operation Metro
Operation Metro is one of two Battlefield 3 maps that is located in Europe. Since it is an infantry-only map, engineer class is rarely used in this map. You can use any class you like, preferably medic and support. If you like sniper, you can quick-snipe here and don’t forget to place the T-UGS for security and the radio beacon for your squadmates. I love the battle in the subway, it is intense. It is recommended to equip the Tactical Light to blind the enemies.

Grand Bazaar
It is a map located in Tehran. The rush version has IFV for attacker while the conquest version has IFVs and Transpor Vehicles for both teams. The brutal shootout often happens in the tunnels and narrow corridors of the Grand Bazaar. It is fun to fight for the B Flag in Conquest mode. Use any class you want, preferably engineer.

Seine Crossing
It is the second map among the Battlefield 3 maps that is located in Paris, France. Seine is the name of the river that divides the 2 area. The rush mode features an IFV for the attacker. The conquest mode also has an MBT. Use any class you like, preferably engineer and medic with grenade launcher.

Damavand Peak
The rush version features a scout helicopter for defenders and a transport vehicle for attackers. Later, there will be tanks too. It also provides sniping points in the hill. Conquest mode features scout helicopters, transport vehicles, and MBTs. The crazy base jump after clearing the 2nd M-COM pair in rush mode is notable. Recommended to use engineer and sniper.

Tehran Highway
The one and only map that takes place in the night.This map is full with IFVs and MBTs. But, no jets. Use mortar when applicable, preferred to use engineer and support.

Noshahr Canals
Noshahr Canals attackers in rush mode have scout helicopter, transport helicopter, boats, and amphibious IFV. There is also a mobile AA for defenders. The key to defend is the mobile AA. The conquest mode has them all. It is better to use engineer and medic. If you cannot manually fire rockets to helicopters, equip the STINGER/IGLA. For attackers or the one that controls the Venom helicopter, make sure that you drive it right and have your teammate in the passenger seat to repair it because it is a valuable asset.

Sharqi Peninsula
Sharqi Peninsula has a classic look. TV station, hotels, roads, it is urban warfare. There are IFVs and transport vehicles in this map. Support and engineer are the recommended classes.

Strike at Karkand
Strike at Karkand features IFVs and transport vehicles, just like Sharqi Peninsula. There will be rooftops you can climb to via ladders. Use engineer and medic with grenade launcher here.

Operation Firestorm
Operation Firestorm is full with vehicles. From jeeps to jets. It is highly recommended to use engineer. There are sniper spots here up the hill and the pipe structures. Make sure that you can drive vehicles or let your friend do the driving. Without the taking advantage of the vehicles, you will absolutely lose. All sides will get jets and MBTs.

Caspian Border
This map is just plain crazy. Popular for dogfights. Use engineer all the time. Beware of the huge antenna tower, it can collapse.

Kharg Island
This is also crammed with vehicles like jets, IFVs, boats, jeeps, helicopters and MBTs. Engineers play a big role in the team’s standing. There is a sniper spot on top of the sand hill, place the laser designator to help your teammate and snipe all the way.

Gulf of Oman
I love this map. It reminds me of my childhood playing Battlefield 2. The F-35 is here. Use engineer and sniper to snipe from the tower.

Wake Island 2014
This map is just plain epic. A u-shaped island in the pacific. Has a hangar with attack helicopters, jets, MBTs, IFVs, jeeps, skid loaders, and mobile AA. I advise you to always be an engineer. Prepare for the worst since air-to-ground bullying is often to happen. The hunting place for pros.

I personally love Seine Crossing, Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman, and Grand Bazaar. Which Battlefield 3 maps that you like and which one do you loathe?