Battlefield 3 Weapons List and Review

Today, we are going to take a look at Battlefield 3 weapons. There are types of Battlefield 3 weapons, which are: assault rifles, carbines, light machine guns, sniper rifles, handguns, personal defense weapons, shotguns, and gadgets. I will list the Battlefield 3 weapons with the specification, quick review, and tips for some Battlefield 3 weapons. I will also include the pros and cons. Let’s start the Battlefield 3 weapons list from Assault Rifles.

Battlefield 3 Weapons

Battlefield 3 Weapons

Battlefield 3 weapons - Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle is the primary weapon of the medic class. It is versatile and an all-around weapon. Some have high fire rate to be deadly in close quarter combats and some trade fire rates for better accuracy at long range. There are 11 Battlefield 3 weapons - assault rifles, including 2 assault rifles from the Back to Karkand DLC.

This M16 assault rifle variant is the default assault rifle for USMC. It can later be unlocked for Russian Ground Force. It is considered a balanced assault rifle. Moderate power, high accuracy, fast reload and fire rate, also manageable recoil. It has 2 fire modes, full-auto and semi-automatic. Good for shooting mid-long range target. This weapon is very reliable and recommended.

M16A4 is the cousin of M16A3. Has the same specification and feel. The difference is just the fire mode. M16A4 can only be 3-round burst fired. Highly recommended for mid-long range shootouts, but it is not suitable for close quarter battles and will be easily beaten by F2000 and FAMAS. Attach suppressor and foregrip to boost the accuracy.

Russian Ground Force’s default assault rifle. It has slower fire rate compared to M16A3 and harder recoil handling when burst also lower accuracy. But, the firepower is monster. AK-74M recommended to equip with the underslung rail and heavy barrel. This weapon is deadly if you can master the recoil handling. It has 2 fire modes just like its counterpart, M16A3.

M416 is the first unlockable assault rifle in the medic class. It has high accuracy and low recoil. Bursting with M416 is recommended because it reduces the bullet spread greatly. You can choose from 3 fire modes. This weapon is ideal to use in Operation Metro, Seine Crossing, and Grand Bazaar.

AN-94 Abakan was my favorite weapon in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It returns again among Battlefield 3 weapons with the same characteristics. 2-round burst fire mode, very powerful, slow fire rate, extremely high accuracy, and troublesome recoil. This weapon is hard to use due to its recoil and muzzle flash. This weapon is the best long-range assault rifle, even possible to counter snipers. At close range, this weapon is outclassed by others except if the target is wounded. Don’t use heavy barrel attachment because it is useless. Attach foregrip and laser sight instead.

F2000 was my killing machine before FAMAS came. Even though it is not as powerful as other Battlefield 3 weapons, the high accuracy, low recoil, and rapid fire rate make this weapon deadly at any range. I used to equip this weapon with silencer, foregrip, and IRNV scope. It has 2 fire mode, automatic and semi-automatic. Spray the bullets at close range to mid range, burst or use the semi-automatic fire mode at long range. The only downside is that F2000 cannot be attached with underslung rail.

This Russian-made assault rifle has higher fire rate than F2000, making it the most deadly assault rifle of Battlefield 3 weapons in close range. Due to its recoil caused by high fire rate, long range targets are hard to hit. To compensate that, AEK-971 has 3 fire modes. Attach the underslung rail with this weapon.

KH-2002 is moderately strong assault rifle. To unlock this weapon, you have to reach a certain amount of points in the co-op mode. It cannot be shot in automatic mode, only burst and semi-automatic mode are available. Great for mid and long range targets, but loses to other assault rifles at close range. Equipping the foregrip and heavy barrel greatly increase the accuracy, it is optional if you want to equip the suppressor. Underslung rail is unattachable.

G3A3 is unlocked via co-op mode. Its ability is similar to the one in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Only 20 rounds per magazine, slow fire rate, and extremely powerful for an assault rifle. G3A3 is very poor at close range battle because of its low rate of fire. But, G3A3 is proven to excel at longer range because it can maintain the accuracy and the damage output. You can attach the underslung rail although only the M26 MASS shotgun is attachable to the underslung rail. The underslung shotgun is useful for close quarter combats. This weapon is best used in larger maps like Sharqi Peninsula, Tehran Highway, or Damavand Peak.

My favorite weapon that is included in Back to Karkand DLC. FAMAS has 3 fire modes and considered a decent assault rifle. The good things are the power, fire rate, and accuracy. The downsides are bulky iron sight and crazy muzzle flash that blinds the user. Make sure to attach a scope and suppressor or muzzle suppressor. FAMAS kills at all ranges but sniper range.

This one is famous because of its versatility and reliability. Very low recoil, decent fire rate, great accuracy, and moderate power. Attaching foregrip to this weapon makes it recoilless. Formidable at any ranges, but slightly outpowered by other assault rifles at close range. Equip this in small maps and you will pawn for sure. It is the second Battlefield 3 weapons in the Back to Karkand DLC pack.

Battlefield 3 weapons - Carbines

Carbines can only be used with engineer class. Carbines exchange range and power for high fire rate to combat enemies at close to mid range. Most of them have 3 fire modes. There are 8 of this Battlefield 3 weapons.

M4A1 is USMC’s default engineer Battlefield 3 weapons. Small recoil and high fire rate to support close range battles. For longer range, you can switch it to semi-automatic mode. It is later unlockable to the Russian Ground Forces. Preferably attach foregrip and heavy barrel.

It is the same variant as M4A1. Just like M16A3 and M16A4, the difference is slight. M4 can be burst-fired for better accuracy. They both have the same specification and attachments.

This weapon is the Russian Ground Forces’ counterpart to M4A1. It is also unlockable to USMC later. Comparison of AKS-74u and M4A1 is generally the same comparison of AK-74M and M16A3. This one has greater recoil and more effective at close range. AKS-74u is very comfortable to use and I prefer the suppressor and foregrip as the attachments.

SCAR-H is American-made carbine. It has high power and fire rate compared to other carbines. It takes time to adjust to the recoil and bullet spread. This weapon is preferred by pros. I suggest that you bring it with foregrip and laser sight. Can be fired automatically or semi-automatically.

My preferred carbine after SG553. A-91 has low recoil and decent power. It has longer fire range compared to other carbines. An all-around carbine, I suppose. Supports automatic and semi-automatic mode. Equip the foregrip and silencer to make this weapon greater than ever.

A powerful carbine that matches the assault rifles strength. The recoil is manageable. G36C is popular now because of its reliability. The bullet spread is not that wide, a decent hipfire weapon. It even has the unique 2-round burst mode. Like always, attach the foregrip and silencer or heavy barrel for better performance.

This is my favorite carbine. Unlock this weapon by reaching 120,000 points in co-op mode. Has a low recoil and moderate power, easy to use. This weapon can perform better at mid range compared to other carbines. I usually use this with holographic scope, foregrip, and laser sight.

A decent carbine among the nine Battlefield 3 weapons from the Back to Karkand DLC pack. Moderate recoil and fire rate, good performance at mid range. The initial 12x scope is very disturbing since it is poor at long range. Using the iron sight is better. My usual attachment for this weapon is PK-A scope with foregrip and tactical light.

This chinese carbine is an unlockable weapon and the second carbine among the other 7 Battlefield 3 weapons from Back to Karkand DLC pack. It has 3 fire modes that make it versatile. Equip ACOG or other 3-4x zoom scope with this weapon since it is quite deadly at mid range and loses to other carbines at close range. Attaching foregrip and laser sight is recommended.

Battlefield 3 weapons - Light Machine Gun

Support class uses LMG as the main Battlefield 3 weapons. High ammo count and magazine are the characteristic of LMGs. LMGs also have high recoil and poor moving accuracy. They are best to equip with the bipod or foregrip to reduce the recoil and thus increase the accuracy. Nine LMGs are available in the game.

M27 IAR is the initial Battlefield 3 weapons for USMC’s support class. This LMG is more like an assault rifle with higher ammo count, but lower compared to other LMGs. The recoil, accuracy, and handling is similar to assault rifles. Reload time is faster than other LMGs, at par with RPK-74M. High fire rate and lower power than RPK. Suitable for frontline supports. Has 2 fire modes, which are automatic and semi-automatic.

Russian Ground Forces’ counterpart to USMC’s M27 IAR. Better power in exchange for lower fire rate. Serve the sole purpose of offensive support and aggresive defender. RPK and M27 are the only LMG without the extended magazine attachment. Very reliable, can be unlocked for USMC.

M249 is back again in Battlefield 3 weapons. It has high fire rate, big magazine size, and decent recoil. Just like M249 of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with worse recoil. Can only be fired automatically. If you know how to control the long burst, this weapon is formidable. Be careful not to wildly spray the bullets because the bullet spread is just nasty.

PKP Pecheneg
This LMG is crazily powerful and also a massive recoil weapon. If you equip this with ACOG, you can feel the upward recoil. Don’t pull the trigger for long because the wild recoil can render your aim upward. Because of its relatively low fire rate, you can control the burst for better accuracy. Even better if you can deploy the bipod.

M240B makes an unbelievably effective LMG for defending and backline support. When you deploy the bipod with this weapon, it becomes insanely decimating. But don’t think use this weapon for run-and-gun assaults. It suffers greatly when shot while standing, very poor accuracy and performance. Remember to go prone when you are going to shoot with M240B.

Considerably weak power but manageable recoil. M60 is better for supportive and defensive play. Equipping M60 with an extended mag proven to be quite useful so that you seldom reload. Don’t full-automatically shoot this weapon at mid range and beyond, you won’t hit your target. M60 is good for bursting from the backline and poor for offensive frontline playstyle.

Type 88 LMG
This LMG was actually an exclusive LMG only available through the Physical Warfare Pack pre-order. Now, you can freely download it from the PSN store. I think, T88 LMG is your average LMG. Nothing really catch my eye. Just equip the bipod and heavy barrel.

One of Battlefield 3 weapons from Back to Karkand DLC pack. Offers reliability at mid range and beyond. Well-balanced LMG, good for both defensive and offensive means. I recommend this weapon to be equipped with foregrip and surpressor.

The second LMG of Battlefield 3 weapons that comes from the Back to Karkand DLC. It has all fire modes, a noticable feature. The extended mag attachment don’t do well on this LMG, use laser sight or muzzle suppressor instead. Bipod deployment greatly increases performance.

Battlefield 3 weapons - Sniper Rifle

Primary Battlefield 3 weapons for recons. A long-range rifle that is capable of taking down a human target in 2 shots or even a shot. The scope varies, choose the one that matches your style of play. There are 9 sniper rifles available.

Mk11 Mod 0
Default sniper rifle for USMC’s recon. It is a semi-automatic sniper with 10-round magazine. Has high damage and capable of killing enemy with 2 shots to the head or 3 direct shots to the body. Recommended to shoot moving targets and suitable to be attached with ACOG for mid-range combat.

SVD is at the same level as Mk11. Has similar specification. The difference is only the initial scope. SVD uses 7x zoom scope as the first available scope. I personally prefer Mk11 than SVD because I think the scope’s crosshairs is more comfortable (at least for me). Use foregrip and laser sight to improve the overall performance.

This bolt-action sniper rifle is capable of dropping enemies just by 2 shots. Headshot is of course instant kill. It has a 10-round magazine and slightly faster than other bolt-action sniper rifles. The downside is that SV-98 has high recoil, making quick snipes hard.

This semi-automatic sniper rifle has a big magazine size that can fit 20 rounds. However, in trade of the big magazine size and high rate of fire, SKS sacrifices its power. This sniper is suitable for mid range sniping. Equip the 7x or 8x zoom scope along with foregrip and laser sight for close combat.

Similar to SV-98, with a slightly faster fire rate and higher bullet velocity. This one is better than SV-98 because it has lower and more controllable recoil, making it a good weapon for quick snipe sessions. Laser sight is essential for a backup and self-defense plan.

I oftenly use this rifle. This one is a true beast of extreme range sniping. It has a very high bullet velocity that causes lower bullet drop. The power is also extreme, instant kill when shot at close range. But, the downside is that M98B only has 5-round magazine and slow rate of fire, rendering it next to useless in close-mid range battles.

It is an accurate semi-automatic rifle compared to SVD and Mk11. Even though they are at equal in strength, and has the same magazine size, M39 EMR has a slightly higher recoil. M93 EMR is unlocked through co-op mode.

Included among the nine Battlefield 3 weapons of Back to Karkand DLC. Has the same power as SV-98 with faster reload and slower fire rate. But, this rifle has higher bullet velocity. Attached with Ballistic zoom scope, L96A1 is an ideal choice for advanced extreme range snipers.

This rifle is similar with T88 sniper rifle in BF:BC2. It has similar specification with other semi-automatic sniper rifles. It has more ammo count though.

Battlefield 3 weapons - Handgun

Handguns are the main sidearms in Battlefield 3 weapons. It is used when the main Battlefield 3 weapons are out of ammo, meeting enemy while reloading, or charging the frontlines as recon. Eight handguns are available and some has tactical and suppressed version. The tactical version has a tactical light mounted underneath it. Suppressed version adds a suppressor.

M9 (Tactical, Suppressed)
The first available handgun. Very useful for any class, intended for backup. The tactical version includes tactical light, while the suppressed version has a suppressor attached to its muzzle.

MP443 (Tactical, Suppressed)
Just like its appearances in previous Bad Company titles, it has high fire rate, moderate damage, and 17-round magazine. Two bullet to the head is enough to bring the enemy down in close range.

G17C (Suppressed)
The specification is similar to MP443. G17C is the one and only among Battlefield 3 weapons that can equip suppressor and laser sight at the same time. The regular version gets laser sight while the suppressed version gets both suppressor and laser sight.

M1911 (Tactical, Suppressed)
M1911 is exclusive sidearm only for EA Gun Club members or Battlefield Veterans. It has 8-round magazine and slower fire rate. But, it has the stopping power capable of killing by 3 shots at its effective range.

.44 Magnum (Scoped)
This magnum is extremely powerful. It only takes 2 shot to the body and 1 shot to the head to kill. However, it is only capable of firing a round per 1.5 seconds, making it not that useful if you are not a headshot maestro. The scoped version attaches a 3x zoom scope on top of the magnum.

Only unlockable via co-op mode. It is slightly weaker than .44 and has similar performance with .44 at close range. Long range shootout and zooming the REX is not recommended because it seems to harden the user.

G18 (Suppressed)
This handgun has an extreme fire rates of 18 rounds per second when fully sprayed. G18 is very poor to use at distance, only use this sidearm at very close range, switch to burst fire mode for mid-range encounters.

The overly underleveled gun of BF:BC2 strikes back, this time with better performance. It has 2 fire modes, 3-round burst and semi-automatic. Only use the burst at close range and use the semi-automatic mode at mid range

Battlefield 3 weapons - Personal Defense Weapon

Personal Defense Weapons are mainly SMGs utilized for close quarter combat and equippable Battlefield 3 weapons in any kit. They all have high fire rate in average. There are seven PDWs you can choose to use.

PP2000 in Battlefield 3 weapons has lower fire rates than its predecessor in previous Battlefield titles. However, the power is increased to match the nerfed fire rates. Deadly at close range and it gets worse the further the target is.

This PDW is unstoppable and powerful. It has 25-round magazine and has the same fire rate as PP2000. This PDW is capable of dropping enemies in less than 9 direct shots. But, it is not compatible with extended magazine. It also has 3 fire modes.

PDW-R is indeeed deadly at close range because of its power and fire rate. Due to its recoil and accuracy, PDW-R is useless for long range shootouts. Equip the foregrip to stabilize it.

P90 has 50-round magazine with very high rate of fire. This PDW is weaker compared to others, but it is quite menacing at close quarter battles because of its low hipfire bullet spread combined with other features of the gun.

MP7 is the most rapid PDW of all. Very high hipfire accuracy combined with extended mag and laser sight will make this weapon the ultimate run-and-gun weapon. But, because of its feeble power, a few missed bullets can leave the targets alive and kill you instead.

AS Val
The best all-around PDW. Has flat bullet trajectory and the most effective PDW for long range encounter. Equipping this weapon with a zoom scope and tactical light is very recommended.

PDW that comes from Back to Karkand DLC pack. PP-19 is very effective at close range and good-for-nothing at long range. The reload animation is stylish too.

Battlefield 3 weapons - Shotgun

Shotguns are barrelled guns with big rounds and devastating spread for close quarter battles. It is equippable in any kit. You can choose from 7 shotguns available in the Battlefield 3 weapons.

The longest range and strongest shotgun in the game. One shot kill upclose and 2-3 hits kill at mid range. It has 4-round magazine and considered the fastest pump-action shotgun. Attaching the tactical light along with foregrip is recommended.

Similar to 870MCS without the pump-action thing. It is semi-automatic shotgun with 4-round magazine and high recoil. Don’t use this weapon on longer encounter because of the small magazine size and heavy recoil.

Saiga 12K
This shotgun is often abused by players using the FRAG rounds. Similar to USAS with slower fire rate, higher recoil, and stronger.

Known as Striker Riot shotgun. It is a semi-automatic shotgun with 8-round revolver-like barrel. I personally don’t really like this weapon, the M1014 is simply better.

Close relative of SAIGA. It has faster fire rate and can be fired automatically and semi-automatically. Abusing the FRAG rounds with this shotgun is popular. Making it very dangerous for enemies at mid-long range and harmful for both enemy and user at close range.

MK3A1 Jackhammer
A shotgun included in the Back to Karkand DLC pack. The only shotgun that can be attached with suppressor. This automatic shotgun has problems with FRAG rounds and it eats ammo like crazy.

Battlefield 3 weapons - Gadget

There are various Battlefield 3 weapons gadget in the game such as launchers, underslung shotgun, and mortar. Maybe it is not important to explain the gadgets other than the launchers. For now, I will only explain the launchers. There are 7 launchers including rocket launchers, mortar, and grenade launchers. The rocket launchers consist of RPG-7V2 and SMAW for the default rocket launchers for each factions. The SA-18 IGLA and FIM-92 Stinger are vehicle-only lock-on rocket launchers. While the FGM-148 Javelin can be locked to ground vehicles and aerial vehicles (requires laser designating). The grenade launcher is usually the M203 that can be equipped with standard grenades, smoke grenades, or even buckshots. The underslung shotgun especially for medic kit is called the M26 MASS. Has various round types you can choose.
Phew, what a long list of Battlefield 3 weapons. See you in the next article!


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Why would u put a laser sight on a sniper gun? Unless u want the enemy to happen to spot your red laser and end up spotting you? You also mentioned some long range 7.62 mm rifles saying they were good for close shooting, generally the 7.62 mm round has more stopping power than the 5.56 or 9mm, also, if u push triangle it will tell you for each weapon wether the programmers designed it as a short, medium or long range weapon.

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