Modern Warfare 3 Perks – What’s Different?

Straight to the point, What is different in Modern Warfare 3 perks? The recent release of the latest installment of the groundbreaking action first-person shooter game of all time, which is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has bring up that question afloat. Lots of player reported abuse and annoyance of players that abused the perks in the previous installment. The balance of the perks is questionable. The update in the latest installment is also questionable. Once again, what’s different in the Modern Warfare 3 perks? Let us see below.

Modern Warfare 3 Perks

Modern Warfare 3 Perks

Let us start with the removed, continuing with the changed perks. They deserve to be erased in Modern Warfare 3 to further support the quality and balance of the game. The perks that are not available among Modern Warfare 3 perks from the previous installment are Commando, One-Man Army, and Last Stand. Changes made for Extreme Conditioning Pro perk, you cannot run for an unlimited time anymore.

Why is it removed? Of course because of its imbalance and too arcadey performance. Look, Last Stand is just annoying. If you were killed and dead, just accept it man, don’t squirm and stand back up from the dead. There is no need to stand for the last time to harm others. Now for One-Man Army that is usually abbreviated as OMA. This perk is overly-abused in the previous installment. Look, you are out of ammo, it is time to get prone in the corner and change your loadout. Clever sleazoids will change to another loadout that has OMA as the perk. And the cycle keeps repeating, again and again, the clever sleazoids will keep pawning and keep changing loadouts for full ammo-replenishment until the match ends. That is just plainly legalized online cheating right?

What about Commando and Extreme Conditioning Pro? Commando is far too unreal. You hack your 30 centimeters tactical knife at the air 3 meters behind your victim and it magically hits him and scattered his money dollars all around. Perfect, eh? Then, here comes the Extreme Conditioning Pro. I still remember a mad manbearcow ran non-stop around in MW2’s multiplayer map, the Terminal, like there is no tomorrow while wielding akimbo G18 and bravely went to enemy’s respawn point with his finger pulling the trigger, spraying hundreds of bullets at unlucky poor dudes. After butchering the whole enemy team, he just can’t stop running and still spraying bullets at friendlies. The Modern Warfare 3 perks don’t have that kind of perk in the list because removing lungs is not considered a “perk”. But actually, it wasn’t the worst. The worst is the hybrid bastard combination of Commando and Extreme Conditioning Pro. Well, I was one of the hybrid bastards. Running around the map using the tactical knife and poking confused guys while stealing my friends’ kills. That was a horrible experience, I want a clean life far from that evil devilish cruel hybrid perk.

Now that I have explained the differences in Modern Warfare 3 perks, what do you think about it? It won’t hurt to fill the comment box below.