Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon Breeding Guide

Do you want to know how to breed a Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon? I want to share Reindeer Dragon breeding guide to you. But, one thing you should know that breeding is about luck! If you're lucky enough, you can get a Reindeer Dragon easily. There are so many ways to breed a red nose Reindeer Dragon, and here are some of them:

Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon Breeding Guide

Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon

  1. Blue Fire Dragon + Plant Dragon = Reindeer Dragon
  2. Snow Dragon + Plant Dragon = Reindeer Dragon
  3. Snow Dragon + Tree Dragon = Reindeer Dragon
  4. Ice Dragon + Plant Dragon = Reindeer Dragon
  5. Ice Dragon + Poison Dragon = Reindeer Dragon
  6. Cold Dragon + Seaweed Dragon = Reindeer Dragon

You can try one of the combinations above to get a red nose Reindeer Dragon. Here is a video of Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon breeding guide: Blue Fire Dragon + Plant Dragon = Reindeer Dragon.

Dragonvale Reindeer Dragon Breeding Video

Adult Reindeer Dragon

These hybrid dragons come from the Far North and can only be bred near the end of the year. Centuries ago, the magical toymaker Sandakloz journeyed north to study these rare creatures. He never returned from his journey, but every year since, during the month when reindeers dragons can be bred, children wake up one day to find magical toys in boxes bearing the old mage's signature.

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Evan Rayborn said...

I Cant stop getting the reindeer dragon lol. I have 4 or 5. I got them with

Fire lvl10-ice lvl 10

Flower lvl10 - snow lvl10

scorch lvl 10- snow lvl 10

kerkie21 said...

I couldn't get a reindeer no matter what combo I tried until I did storm(10) + swamp (10). Finally got it after > a month of trying daily!!