Skyrim Daedric Armor & How to Create The Legendary Daedric Armor

Skyrim Daedric armor is a cool armor! Skyrim Daedric armor is better than Dragon armor in base rating, despite needing a higher skill to make the dragon armor. When freshly crafted at 100 skill and no enhancements, Daedric armor starts at a higher base armor value for all pieces, however dragon plate surpasses Daedric armor once upgraded. One reason that many may choose Dragon over Daedric is the availability of materials.

Skyrim Daedric Armor

If you want to know what does the Skyrim Daedric armor look like? You can watch the video below:

Skyrim Daedric Armor

I also want to share a great video tutorial to you. In this video you'll learn how to create not only the normal Daedric armor but the Legendary Daedric armor, which doubles every stat on the normal Daedric Armor. Watch the video below for more detail:

How To Create The Legendary Daedric Armor

I hope the information about Skyrim Daedric armor and how to create the Legendary Daedric armor above can be useful for you. I also recommend you to read another articles about Skyrim, such as Skyrim Daedra Hearts and Ebony Ore locations, how to get Skyrim Ebony weapons, Skyrim Enchanting Perks, where to find Skyrim Daedric Artifacts, and etc.


Nick Davis said...

Think I'll have a go at that later, thanks for the vid.

Jorian said...

It totally depends on what you prefer visually, and what kind of character you have. First, if you are an Evil Warlord kinda person then yes this armor will be ideal. However, a full set of items with Fortify Smithing and skill 100 (for even greater bonus also make the items yourself with 100 Enchanting and use potions that boost these skills) you can essentially reach the maximum armor cap an armor can provide in game easily, even with lower level (even leather armor as example) equipment.

I myself prefer the look of Ebony Armor (with helmet), Steel Plate Armor (instead of helmet using Silver and Moonstone Circlet), and Glass Armor (instead of helmet using Jade and Emerald Circlet). Of course as mentioned its all about tastes, but until now none of my characters would fit the image of using a fiendish armor like that, perhaps one of those cat people or lizardfolk characters it would look naturally more good on, but on my human and elven characters I prefer the armor/circlet combinations I listed, and with being expert in enchanting and smithing even without the helmet and hidden set bonus you have great (usually max allowed by cap) armor rating anyway.

One additional cause I avoid the daedric armor is that no one comments on it, while the NPC-s mention both your ebony armor and sword if you use those.