Kinect Sports Season 2 Reviews From Real Users

Are you looking for Kinect Sports Season 2 reviews? In here, you can read the Kinect Sports Season 2 reviews from real users. With six thrilling new sports to jump into and enjoy, "Kinect Sports: Season Two" pulls the whole family off the couch and turns your living room into a world-class sports arena where intuitive, full-body gameplay and friendly competition reign supreme. Following the top-selling and award-winning “Kinect Sports”, the second season amps up the action and delivers sporting gameplay like you've never seen – or felt – before! Bringing the family together and introducing Challenge Play to Xbox LIVE and living rooms worldwide, Kinect Sports Season 2 harnesses the power of friendly competition to provide a more immersive experience for everyone from casual players to top-notch athletes and hardcore sports fans.

Kinect Sports Season 2 features six full, new, team-based and individual sports – tennis, golf, American football, baseball, skiing and darts – with unique challenges and activities for each. Anytime is game time. Kinect Sports Season 2 lets you send a challenge for later. Bring your A-game. Kinect Sports Season 2 is the ultimate party experience for friends and family of all skill levels; it also rewards those who want to take their game to the next level. Go pro on Xbox LIVE. Golf – fore! It's game night at Galaxy Park, the "Kinect Sports" baseball field, and you're up! Take the spotlight as "Kinect Sports: Season Two" makes you a football superstar. You can read Kinect Sports Season 2 reviews from real users below:

Kinect Sports Season 2 Reviews

Kinect Sports Season 2 Reviews
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Reviewed by Louie Lefkowitz

There are so many Kinect games that need space to fully enjoy them. I've been disappointed with many titles because you're required to move too much in space I don't have. The Nyko Zoom ended up being a flop, and didn't correct the problem for people like me who have limited space.

So, I pre-ordered Kinect Sports Season Two and tried it out. First, I was impressed by the fact that you really don't have to flail your arms, move from side to side, and back and forth. The tennis is the best tennis on any motion controlled system, in my opinion. I especially liked that I could take a small step forward before I swung to fire a return shot or swing my arm from high to low to lob the ball. I thought this was very clever, and felt the Kinect was very accurate with this. I then played football for a couple of hours, and can't understand all the hate. The football is really fun. You squat to get ready, and stand up to have the ball snapped. There are 6 plays, and you throw the ball when one of the receivers turns green. A couple of times, I threw to an open receiver, but the Kinect sensor threw it to a different receiver who wasn't open, but this was rare. I then just had the coach to pick to expedite the play, and get back into the action. Once you throw the ball, you are the receiver and have to run in place. You can't juke, or run faster, but it didn't bother me, because I was getting a workout. The other best game in my opinion is skiing. You start out by squatting, and can move left or right by leaning with your upper body in the direction you want to go. The skiing is the best skiing I have ever played including the Wii, which is also a great skiing experience. Golf was also a lot of fun, but mostly I played the minigame, in which you can get 1, 2, or 3 points by aiming your shot. I found the minigames on all the sports to be entertaining.

Reviewed by Alissa

First, you should know I am in my 30s. I love the new Kinect Sports - Season 2! I bought it to lose weight and workout. I have been working out using the calorie challenge mode on Kinect Sports 1 (lost 15lbs in about 2 months), but was growing bored with beating the pizza over and over again :-) What I like about Kinect Sports 2 is that the music is a lot better and the graphics are better too! I like the baseball and skiing games best. What is awesome about KS2 (for those using it as a workout)is that it posts after each game the number of calories you have burned for the round and for the session. I burn about 70 calories for playing a round of baseball, which is awesome! Baseball is two innings. You play the batter twice and the pitcher twice. You get in a lot of running when you make a "base hit", which is where the calories really add up. Skiing is a ton of fun, as you race downhill trying to pass through sets of flags and doing jumps. I burn about 30 calories in a round of skiing, which lasts two runs. Anyway, I love this game! It's even better than the first KS, which I thought was already one of the top two kinect titles (along with Dance Central). I'm so excited that they have been creating more and more titles for the Kinect - hopefully ensuring it will be around for years to come.

Reviewed by Player

I got this game only yesterday night and have been playing it non stop for a few hours. Did I say I got it for 15$ only from Walmart? ;)

I must say Kinect Sports Season 1 was epic in many ways, first it has more action and being the first of its kind it grabbed more attention and raised the bar really really high and sadly the second edition do not cross that bar.

But the franchise maintains the "fun factor" which I think soul for this game. A lot of us watch these great sports on TV and wish we had such skills and Kinect Sports touches that emotion with a lot of FUN factor. Player's lack of skill is pushed by technology and it gives you that sweet illusion of being a great athlete ;) that is why I play these games.

It has less events than the actual KinectSeason 1 coz it had Track and Field which it self contained lots of events.
Now for the games

1) Baseball - Its quite fun. Honestly it took me some time to master the perfect swing but once you know the lag and trick its lot of fun. I am big fan of cricket so I liked this game very much though its not any where near to the great sport but at least it has a bat to hit the ball ;)
The play is nice, you would enjoy pitching too though fielding/catching is not much fun, it's filled with tones of prompts and it makes it very easy for a player. I wish there were settings to turn off these annoying suggestion coz once you play it for a couple of hours you would like to ramp up the game.

*** / 5

2) Dart - Oh boy, it is a lot of fun. I imagined it as a filler event but it is not. Its lot more fun than what I expected it to be. The sensor tracks slightest movement tries to make it as much real as it can. Unlike other games where you wild hand movement will not affect results e.g. boxing/base ball pitching etc... This game tracks your move carefully which gives it a close to reality touch. Its fun especially when played in group. Coz it's one of the game night/day outing sport which a lot of us might have tried in real life like Bowling in season 1.
So you have a good idea of how game would work in real life. I am pleased with the way they have done this event.

**** / 5

3) Tennis - Ohhh it is a good burner. You won't notice but if you play it for a while you will actually end up burning lots of calories. I loved it. Yes it not accurate you don't get to do the great base line jogs or can not run to the net and give a slice but its still fun. Coz the computer makes it lot more fun for you. Cross the first level and then game will be fun. You will end up having long rally nicely supported by crowd and pitching sound effect. You will really feel you are involved in the arena for a minute. I bet you will raise your hands out of pleasure / frustration a couple of times when you play with pro level. Its fun.
Though it's missing the volley, base line slogs, net plays etc... The real fun of tennis game but it's still enough engaging and will entertain you like anything.
The calories burnt number will pump you up for sure.

The trick, like Table tennis from first version is not to imagine your hand/palm as racket. Keep your hand in position as if you are holding one and see the top spine and slice shots, its fun.

****/ 5

4) Golf
The only gold I have enjoyed is the mini golf on family outing. So I do not have great knowledge about this game. But it is fun. Though Kinect the swing speed and hand movements are not taken in to consideration.
The trick is to play with the right club than controlling your swing speed. I observed it's more of club than the actually hand movement that makes difference.
I mean it does pick up speed of swing and all but not that well.
The game is OK. I did not enjoy it a lot for that fact I am not good at this game and do not have good knowledge about clubs etc... So I practice with multiple clubs before I go for the shot.
Again the very idea of you doing something without having a plastic in your hand is fun. But the game experience is just ok


5) Ski-
Fun fun fun. One more surprise. Like darts I thought this would be an OK game but its more fun than I thought it to be. Coz the movement that you use while playing these games are easy and you won't feel that your avatar is doing something which you did not want it to do. It does good justice to what you want to do in game. Not as realistic as Darts but way better than Golf. Its fun, you can control speed and directions by simple body movements.
You will feel in control of your avatar. Its fun


6) American football - I had high hopes from this one but sadly its not as much fun as it should have been.
I watched E3 event and this looked more fun while they were playing on stage but soon you will get bored.
Only 6 plays and no single player defense not rushing... its does not do justice to the game.
Like Soccer in first season, American Football killed a great game. This could be so much better and one can do a lot of cool things with game but sadly they did not. Not fun :(

* / 5

Though overall it's not bad, especially when you have spent only 15$ for this ;) but not worth its 49$ value for sure. Wait for it to get cheaper or buy a used one. This doesn't worth 49$ for sure.

And these are more of family/friends game night thing. We played like anything yesterday night and it was fun.
If you take these games too seriously then you won't enjoy it.
I agree that they are not perfect and do not do justice to the actual sport but its Kinect, made for casual, fun gaming [for now]

Amazon is selling it under 30$, its not a bad deal go get it.
I would stick give the Kinect Sports Season 1 better ratings than this.

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