Halo Anniversary Skulls Effect and Location

Are you looking for information about the Halo Anniversary Skulls? You can see the list of Halo Anniversary Skulls below. It's been confirmed. You can activate the skulls from a skulls menu after you finding the skulls in the campaign. Anyway, you're also can read my previous article about Halo Anniversary reviews.

Halo Anniversary Skulls

Halo Anniversary Skulls

Malfunction Skull

Effect: Every time you respawn, a random element of your HUD is disabled.

Location: Once inside where the bridge is on Assault on the Control Room, you will see the skull on a little platform between the bride and the wall you will need to jump down to get.

Eyepatch Skull
Effect: Removed all auto aim from the game. This means aiming will be a lot harder.

Location: Located on The Library mission. Before you take the Index, circle around and seach the far back of the room behind the Index, the Eye patch Skull will be on the ground.

Pinata Skull
Effect: Punching enemies makes them drop grenades. Beat them until candy comes out!

Location: This skull is on two betrayals where you are in a banshee, find a snowy platform and the skull is behind a small raised pillar.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull
Effect: Causes grunts to explode like into confetti when killed with headshots.

Location: Located on The Maw mission. During your big escape in the Warthog. When Cortana instructs you to stop on a platform, you see Foehammer get shot down, look in that direction. The skull is on a railing to your right as you enter. Use the Warthog to back up against the railing, then jump on top of the vehicle to get high enough to grab the skull.

Fog Skull
Effect: The motion tracker is disabled. You'll miss those eyes in the back of your head.

Location: This skull is on the Silent cartographer, you will need to find a structure inside the complex that you can only reach by grenade jumping, it looks like a triangular opening in the middle of the room. Get up there and you will find the skull.

Famine Skull
Effect: Weapons that are dropped by A.I and picked up by players are left with half the ammo they would normally carry.

Location: Located on the Silent Cartographer mission. Immediately after landing, turn around and walk away from the fighter and your checkpoint. Continue circling the island until you reach a ramp leading up to the top of a flat piece of land, run up the ramp to find the Famine Skull at the top.

Boom Skull
Effect: Explosions have twice the damage radius. Light fuse, run away.

Location: The Boom Skull is located above the entrance to the underground cave that Cortana points out to be "not a natural formation". Before you go down the incline leading to its entrance, you stay against the right "wall" of the canyon. You jump on a large rock and then crouch jump onto the inclined ledge that looks like you shouldnt be able to stand there. Then you follow this ledge around to the skull.

Bandanna Skull
Effect: When you activate this skull you will get infinite ammo.

Location: Located on the mission. Enter the security building, down the path that leads to the security console. Leave the room to the left of the console, once outside, look to the left. You should see an infinite drop and a higher platform. Use an overshield and rocket jump technique to reach the higher platform to claim the on the higher platform.

Grunt Funeral Skull
Effect: Grunts die in a blaze of glory and plasma. They explode like grenades after dying.

Location: Requires the preorder of the game from participating retailers.

Black Eye Skull
Effect: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies. Bash your way to better health!

Location: On the library, grenade jump up to one of the vents you can explore and you will find the skull.

Recession Skull
Effect: Every bullet you fire takes up two bullets, making you deplete your ammo twice as fast.

Location: Located on the 343 Guilty Spark mission. As you cross a fallen tree, alien turrets will explode as enemies open fire from the structure ahead. Don’t go inside just yet, instead run to the left wall and hug it until you reach a turret with a small drop behind it. Carefully jump down to find the Recession Skull at the bottom.

Foreign Skull
Effect: Covenant weapons: How do they work? Players cannot pick up or use Covenant weapons.

Location: The foreign skull is on truth and reconciliation while you are fighting some hunters in a hanger, it is inside an alley.

Mythic Skull
Effect: All Convenant AI have twice the health. All Sentinels have energy shields.

Location: On the second level when you land on Halo for the first time look around for a river. follow it upstream until you reach a waterfall. facing the water fall look right and you'll see a boulder. go behind it and you get the mythic skull and 25 gamerscore.

Iron Skull
Effect: When a play is alone and dies, the level is restarted. When a player dies in co-op, the last checkpoint is loaded.

Location: Located on the first mission, Pillar of Autumn. Once you exit the cryo-tank head towards the back of the room. the Iron Skull is behind a staked set of purple containers.

Halo Anniversary Skulls Location

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crokette said...

i need help big time! lol
i started to look for the skull but i can't find them...i tried normal and legendary, and even the first one doe'snt show up...i hope am not that thick, lol strait out of cryo tube to the back of the room and behind the containners, i even (just in case) looked all around the room, but it does not appear! any idea?

Chris said...

Hey man you have to press select to go to the updated graphics because the skulls will not appear on the original graphics setting