Skyrim Werewolf Guide

Do you want to be a Skyrim werewolf? You can learn how to be a Skyrim werewolf in here! Skyrim werewolf can transform into beast for for up to 2.5 minutes (in real time), which increases by 30 seconds and restores 50 points of health if the werewolf feeds.

Skyrim Werewolf Benefits:
  • Sprint faster than any horse can gallop
  • Crimes committed as a werewolf won't count against you (though don't let anyone see you transform)
  • +100 points for max health and stamina
  • Any wolves you meet will treat you as an ally if you're in your beast form

Skyrim Werewolf Downsides:
  • You can't access some of the tighter portals and entryways because you're physically larger
  • You won't be able to equip anything and access to your inventory screen is cut off
  • Corpses can't be looted and items can't be collected when you're doing your werewolf thing

You're also should be aware with the whole transformation issue. If somebody spots you in the act of changing, you'll suddenly find yourself slapped with a 1,000 gold bounty. Prepare to be attacked in general, too; anybody who sees you in your beast form will either run away in fear or move to claim your head as a trophy.

So, are you interested to be a Skyrim werewolf? You can learn how to be a werewolf below:

Skyrim Werewolf Guide

Skyrim Werewolf

  1. Become part of the circle, which is the highest ranked group in the companions guild. You will perform a ceremony to drink werewolf blood, and this makes you a werewolf.
  2. Find and kill a werewolf, and drink the blood yourself.

Just a note that the spell will show up in the magic tab, and it will be called beast.

Skyrim Werewolf Tutorial Video

Hey, you're also can read a useful tips from Spiderfish:

Tip about the Ring of Hircine, it's currently bugged. After you put it on and select it in your Magic>Powers menu and activate it, it along with everything else you had on gets unequipped. Just go back to your inventory and put it back on once you revert from your Werewolf form and you can turn into a Werewolf again, rinse and repeat as much as you please. Hope Bethesda doesn't fix this bug, being a Werewolf is one of the most satisfying things in this game for me.

I hope the Skyrim werewolf guide above can be useful for you. Please share this guide to your friends who may want to be a werewolf too. Anyway, you're also can read another articles about Skyrim, such as Skyrim ore smelting guide, Skyrim power leveling guide, where to find Skyrim rare items, etc.


Tek Ninja Design said...

TEK NINJA DESIGN gives Skyrim eight thumbs up. Becoming a werewolf is well composed in this title.

Parker Haynes said...

Getting the Ring of Hircine is a must have for anybody that wants to be a werewolf. It gives you unlimited werewolf transformations per day. I'm not sure if it is patched in the current version of Skyrim.