The Types of Zombies in Dead Island and How to Defeat Them

I've written about fast leveling and character tips for Dead Island player. Now, I want to share the types of Zombies in Dead Island and how to defeat them. I hope it can be useful for you!

Defeat Zombies

Walker: if only one residence just flying kick skill that stepping on the head, if there are 2-3, I usually kick back with fitting it all fell well kept stepping on the head straight, 4-6 if I often torturing me, especially the mouse left click, if >6 well back then sprint for the vague direction..

Infected: if only one is easy, it's difficult if already there are 4 I usually run a circular zig zag or let them miss then hit from the side but if I let go his way in the narrow usually pick angels to take money

Thug: Attack shouted fit again or wait until he hit the first time by using left hand (this is always 3 combo: left, right, left) after that kick ass

Floater: easy. avoid "spit" as sprints on his side. When he spout poison, attack from behind until death

Ram: very easy. When step to the left side or right, then hit from behind. Repeat until dead

Butcher: I'll kick his running stopped continue to hit the 2 or 3 times then when he ran towards me again kick ass and kick ass again, repeat it until he dead

Suicider: my rescue god. Narrow path just annoying if he was fit again and lonely. If like this I usually kick back once kept step 2-3 times.

Human: annoying. Usually if I'm certainly old human opponent. Probably because ammo is rare, so I always want to play headshot.

Zombies in Dead Island

Common tactics:
  1. If a lot of enemies, there are n LPG cylinders, do not hesitate use it, throwing into them, shoot the tube!
  2. If a car n lots of enemies, up on the roof of the car ride, and use medium-range weapons (axe / rod length / the like), do not forget to let me squat to maximize the reach sometimes infected could rise to the top of the car, so be careful.
  3. If there is a building / space, and lots of enemies out there chasing us, close the door, then attack from those door
  4. If you look at HP critical enemy and lots and full fury, just use it

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