Dead Island Fast Leveling and Character Tips

Hey, if you're playing Dead Island I got fast leveling tips for you! I got this useful tips from my friend.

Dead Island Fast Leveling Tips

Fast Leveling by using Thug (Ver. 1)

Easy leveling thug:

1. Just make sure the enemies other than the thug had rest in peace.

2. drop the thug
how to drop the thug:
a. thug fall if hit by a car
b. thug fell use hand of glova (act 1 uda can get anyway, grab the skull in bunker the north east corner, just follow the arrow continues to go up to batu2an brown on the east coast)
diamond quest took on a brand of champagne, champagne brands palace hotel check car fitting grab mission.
only if the level is too small the thug died instantly.
c. point the thug so there's a wall behind him / other static items (refrigerator, stove, shelves, stone), kick the thug to the walls / static stuff, he'd lost his balance, kick back, down deh.

3. fitting fell thug attacking the shoulder with a blunt weapon that has been damaged (good Knuckle), if fitted, hand going 'broken'.
after a broken hand, every time a blow to the same place (shoulder), you'll dapet equivalent exp 1 / 4 exp thug.
A thug can make you go up 1-3 levels depend on your level.
(The smaller the greater the damage your weapon exp you can get from a thug)

This way, I reached level 50 logan in 3 hours, still in act 1.

a. by sam b's bonebreaker skills, exp gained 2-4 fold, meaning that the maximum skill, a time at get equivalent exp exp 1 thug.
at level 37 1 pm to approximately 1.600 times the exp, it only took 100 strokes (about 1 minute) to level up

b. if you want to maximize his skills xian mei-cut choice (2-4 times as much exp as zombies limb cut), use a knife damaged by small size (diving knife, kitchen knife), point to shoulder thug, thug likely broken hand (but counted cut because use sharp weapon) without interruption of the body.
diving knife damaged from the beginning of the game have decided to chance his arm broken without the greatest among other sharp weapon.
so save 1 piece of the early game if you plan to wear it.

Do not use Slicer, machete, and the like, because it almost certainly cut off the hands of thug when broken.
try not to take the critical skills while still leveling, because it will increase the critical chance thug's hand severed when broken.

nb: thug a lot of wandering around the diamond bungalows (bungalows on the east coast resort)

Dead Island Tips

Fast Leveling by using thug (Ver. 2)

Easy leveling rather exciting thug:

Basically just like leveling above, but without making the thug down.
if you feel this leveling on less exciting / boring. easy come easy go.

1. thug attacks have 3 basic types of punches, (1) regular punch attack from the right or left hand. (2) a combination attack 3 times: left, right, left, (3) counter, when you attack left bodies, he would step down the fence leaning left, then launched a counter with a left punch. (Applies also to the right)

avoid these three attacks is not difficult, use a blunt weapon is still good (or diving knife is still a good choice when using xian mei-cut), then attack the shoulder left / right or right after he was attacked while he was wailing.

still difficult if get timing, kick terus2an thug until he roar, continued to attack his shoulder three times, continued to retreat.

do this attack continuously until both shoulders broken. after this, thug can only attack with a bite. attack necessarily be limited distances.

2. Knuckle weapons to replace the damaged / corrupted other blunt weapon if going further the range / diving knife cut damaged her choice use xian mei.
attacking his shoulders 1-3 times, then backward backward for avoiding bites.
after 2-3 times the thug attacks would roar, immediately attacked from close 4-7 times (depending on weapon), then retreated backward.

in this way without looking thug (thug who resisted to follow the storyline), ane reach level 50 in a police station xian mei (act 2).


notable thug: Harlan at home that help you enter, there is no thug who attacked (if on my PC), use for fitting exercise awal2.



do not ever expect things become easier when you are level 50, level 1 walker has the HP 100, walker level 50 have a HP 4000, damage thug punches about 2 bar level 1, level 50 damage thug punches about 4.5 bar. as well as other musuh2 including the boss.

profit level 50 weapon is only a good beginning in the early-crew and the money is relatively large (but also large expenditures to upgrade and repair of high-level weapons).

xian mei when I drop from level 49 level 50 thug a lethal wakizashi purple

The base statistics:
Damage: 1964 (what?) full upgrade so 1964 + 1707
force: 685 full upgrade so 685 + 300
durability: 45 (what?) full upgrade so 45 + 44
handling: 70 full upgrade so 70 + 15

almost equivalent to legend katana zed's Demise, with much better handling (of course the range slightly shorter, but much nicer when attacked, attack speed more steady).
I was curious version lethal orange wakizashi, I think it exceeds the zed's Demise ..

and this drop, not from a metal case, mid-act 2.
I gameplay only about 4-5 hours time.
means all the walkers and infected since mid act 2 off with a time at
(Shoulder-wide armored walkers need 2 times if not hit the head)

in-mod with the full build the poison deathstalker xian mei = jason die sooner.
of course the price of repairs rather crazy, it took about 10 thousands of broken until 100%.

Character Tips

  • Items from the quest and the drop is often better than in the metal case, when there are more skills required do not take the lockpick skill.
  • Any chance of instant death skill is not worth it, especially xian mei, which has a sharp weapon damage largest non-explosive, with a good weapon even thug can die with a 2-3 punch (even one time with a backstab + flying strike direction head).
  • Hand of god glova is a weapon that could bring down almost any enemy (ram can not), even Jason and the last boss. make them vulnerable to head stomp.
  • Butcher and infected Warrior (boss) can avoid the attack to the head, attacking the body.
  • The effects of weapons (poison, shock, bleed) emerged as critical.

  • The effects of mod like poison, electricity, even the mod developers come to the vicinity of the main target channeled through the economical throw (30% damage around target throw), combined with + 30% critical moment and throw boomerang, it would be great against hordes.
  • You can 'get back' sticky bomb that was thrown with skill boomerang.
  • Do not use the hand of glova / homerun bat at enemies who are still stuck in his body throw our weapons, there is a chance his body was thrown to the place that we can not access.
  • For melee weapon which is synchronous with skill logan, logan most effective & efficient use of one hand sharp weapon like a wakizashi & machete. (Critical chance up to 16%)

  • You can do the flying kick (jump and kick) followed by a strike while flying nearly landed in a time jump. very useful when three more infected or come from the same direction. This certainly wasteful stamina, but with vampire skills (stamina boost when kill) this technique could be virtually free of stamina.
  • Combined flying strike, backstab, and critical toward the head with lethal weapons lvl 50 deathstalker wakizashi, can produce more damage than 30rb, can kill a level 50 warrior infected (infected joint and thug) in a time o'clock. For jason I have never try, because fitting opponent Jason want from the front, because both 'Swordman'... but it should be because HP lvl 50 jason 'only' 27,000. Many people who have difficulty using a flying strike, to get the timing right, use the flying strike when the moment of stepping off you, and for effectiveness, point to the head.
  • With a sharp weapon damage is incredible, fury / bloodrage xian mei is not too big benefit in terms of damage and loss range (because pake knife), if you do not feel have benefited from the assassin Guile (Level3: + about 3 bars of max HP and restore HP equal to the addition) or lighting moves (level 3: +99% movement speed) do not take any skill at all fury.
  • Combination of feel no pain (when the fury), last stand, and make you bulletproof hardened + immune from melee attacks and live bullets at 1:25 HP bar. but not very useful considering the walker attack at level 50 can be 1.5 to 2.5 bar of HP. hm ... might be a bit handy when beaten infected.
  • With a tackles, light out, and regeneration, you will rarely die because of walkers / infected. skill2 take it as soon as possible. Tackles is much more efficient than the hand of glova stamina against hordes of walkers / infected.

  • The skill inspiring kick, stomp counted as a 'kick'.
  • Should take skill and ignore skill vampire kick of strength.

*SAM B I only played until level 38, PURNA until level 14, so still a little discovery.