Pocket Planes Is Not Chalengging But It is a Cute Game

Created by  NimbleBit, the creators of Tiny Tower, here comes the next game that is going to occupy your time for the next several months. Pocket Planes is the NimbleBit's latest offering in the casual simulation department, the game puts you in charge of airports and passengers, planes and people, and challenge you to make it run smooth and swiftly and then you can do it all on a much bigger scale. It's the perfect formula for a "just one more level" kind of game, and if you were one of the many people who fell in love with Tiny Tower's amazing level of addictiveness, Pocket Planes is going to hook you twice as hard.

Pocket Planes

The game Pocket Planes begins with a  brief tutorial that shows you some basics of the game, which allows you to pick your starting location on the map and then you can build your pocket empire from there. The main  focus is to manage different airports where you load planes with cargo and passengers and then send them across the map to deliver the goods. You will get some money for your efforts, and you can use this money  to purchase new airports in new cities, and also upgrade your fleet, buy new planes, or expand your number of slots to hold new vehicles, and so much more to be done.

Pocket Planes In-App Purchasing system

We all know how easy it is for game developers to mess up this part of the game, but NimbleBit got the formula exactly right with Tiny Tower, then you have nothing to fear. In Pocket Planes,  to buy both coins and bux, you can use real world money. which are used for purchasing new items in the game. Bux can be used to speed things along, so if you are tired of waiting your plane to fly across the Atlantic, spend a few bux its way and see the magic happen. But you don't have to buy anything, you can use a little patience that can take the place of spending money, however, both bux and coins are earned throughout play.

Pocket Planes takes place in real time, it means when you see a plane will reach its destination in four hours, that is exactly four hours in the real world time. And because of this, you'll want to keep a lot of airplanes running different routes, that make sure you always have someone around to fill new jobs that appear. 

This gameplay also means Pocket Planes is a game of waiting, since you won't always have tasks to complete or cargo to load up. But you know the drill: you can set the game down and do something else, then you can always come back for more! People don’t always want to be challenged, and may prefer just spending their time simply being occupied by something cute. 

Playing Pocket planes is like driving a car that steers itself. All you want is a wheel, NimbleBit. Give players just one tool that can be wielded in interesting ways to make an impact on the outcome of the gameplay. And pocket planes will give you some interesting gameplay that will occupy only some of your time while you do other chores or task in real life.