Mortal Kombat Vita - New Challenge on Mortal Kombat Series

Mortal Kombat Vita, feel the tension

From the first time released to public, Mortal Kombat had booked its place in one of the top fighting game. And after the release of Playstation Vita, Mortal Kombat is also invade the console with Mortal Kombat Vita. Bringing a lot of new feature and reintroduced a lot of old feature, Mortal Kombat Vita is ready to serve us with pleasing fighting game.

Mortal Kombat Vita

Mortal Kombat Vita

The control of PS Vita which is touch screen for some people seems unsuitable for fighting game like Mortal Kombat, but actually Mortal Kombat Vita prooved that the PS Vita is suitable even for a fighting game. The awesome hardware and graphic by PS Vita really being exploited by NetherRealm Studios to make Mortal Kombat Vita really pleasing in the eyes. Still maintaning the basic concept of 2D fighting game with 3D graphic, Mortal Kombat Vita still stands out from other fighting game on the same console.

Still, Mortal Kombat Vita introduce a hardcore-bloody fight with a top class move from its fighters which can rip their opponent apart. But now, following the previous game released, the control system was changed to be more simple. There used to be 2 punch button, and 2 kick button, one for high and one for low etc, but now it's a button for each move, and now block and throw has its own button. Maybe the change will affect the old fans, but this actually helps a lot to make the game more simple especially for newbie, and also make it easy to unleash some good combo. This surely affect the game much, as you need a good timing to dodge opponents attack and seeking for an opening to attack, and will easily do the combo once you find an opening.

So, the buttons had changed, and new feature introduced. Mortal Kombat Vita introduced super meter, which can be charged for 3 bars. Each bars charged gives diffrent type of effect. For the first bars, you can access enchanced moves, which make your special moves faster and stronger. Second bars gives you counter attack that can break opponents combo and counter it with your own moves. The third one gives Mortal Kombat signature move, X-ray moves. It will do a combos that will 'x-ray' the opponent body to see which bone you had broke :D . All of the moves somehow requires you to press block button if you want to access it.

The main storyline of Mortal Kombat Vita picks up where Mortal Kombat Armageddon left off. The stories itself use a time traveler mechanic, where NetherRealm really did a great job in introducing several new character to the game. The storyline also brings a diffrent perspective from the previous version, which gives the MK fans a new challenge to face.

As for Vita, Mortal Kombat Vita introduced some new challenge mode. One of them is a well-known fruit ninja (like) Test Your Slice, that requires you to slash across the touchscreen to slash body parts and scores high. The other one is Test Your Balance, which requires you to tilt your Vita to balance the character and keep them from falling. The only thing that can be done only by PS Vita so far d(^^)

So in conclusion, Mortal Kombat Vita really brings a new challenge and a new version of fighting game, packed with an awesome console which i can guaranteed that the game can offer a lot of fun and intensity in your gaming experience. Thanks for reading btw. Ciao ^^