Deer Hunter Reloaded - Feel the Realistic Hunting Game

Experience a realistic hunting game and kill animals on the wild!

Deer Hunter reloaded is the newest freemium from Glu Mobile Inc. as a social mobile games for smartphone and tablet device which are available for Android, iOS. The game concept is to hunt several animal on the wild and get money from it. But actually, the realistic feeling to hunt animal in wild, is the biggest plus in this game.

Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter reloaded gives smartphone and tablet user a realistic way to hunt animals in the wild, without even make their boots muddy, by introducing this great simulator game. Deer Hunter reloaded is a game that can give you an enjoyable hunting experience in the virtual outback.

The aiming control of Deer Hunter reloaded is quite simple, only by sweeping the touchscreen to aim. The zoom level is in the left screen, and press the button in the right to fire. Thus, still makes the game look realistic, by seeing the movement of deer or caribou, or seeing leopard chasing after you when they found out your hiding place. Then you must give a quick reflex to aim at that fast moving target.

Deer Hunter reloaded gives a many option to upgrade weapon, like sixteen of upgradable weapon, and you can customize your character looks by yourself.  However, some upgrade requires gold to be unlocked, where this is the main source of Glu to gain money from the game. Somehow the price is quite ridiculous, but you can be glad to see some of the weapon can be bought with in-game cash.

One of, maybe a trademark for Deer Hunter reloaded, feature is an "X-ray" system. The X-ray enable you to see the vital organ of the animal through your scope. This makes you easier to aim for perfect shot to kill the animal in instance, and gain some additional bonus.  However, the X-ray bonus can only be unlocked by gold, but it's actually worth it. Of course besides the aiming, you can manage to positioned yourself in a strategic hiding place to get a better aim on the animal. So, play the game like a real hunter, because the game gives you a realistic way to hunt animal down.

Giving a realistic view and movement of animal, and the environment, Deer Hunter reloaded will surely provided you with a best hunting experience. You may feel that you are in a realistic outback hunting the animal and surviving.

Besides the aiming and killing, you are given some additional challenge to complete and collect some thropy to boost the excitement of the game and also a challenge to be better then your friend. Of course by completing challenge and hunt some animal down, you are given some money to upgrade your weapon to ease your next hunting mission.

Deer Hunter reloaded is free to play, and you may want to download and install it through your google play or apple store, and it's quite worth it. Glu, after the acquisition of Deer Hunter trademark, really makes the Deer Hunter reloaded a great game to play.

Note. you can get Deer Hunter reloaded here

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