The Syndicate - The Reborn of Its Series

You know all now, Syndicate, the legendary series of Bullfrog out there almost 20 years back in a form a bit special. Thus the action / strategy isometric view gives way to a hardcore FPS. Caution was therefore needed, but our first contact with the game we were pleasantly surprised. Syndicate could then be excited by the idea of us trying again to the beast.

As a reminder, our first discovery of the title of EA and Starbreeze involved a sequence space of 10 minutes. We were able to see the workings of the single player seemed quite promising and faithful to the spirit of the original software. In parallel, an online multiplayer-oriented cooperation we had briefly been presented, without that we can play. If the first contact had meanwhile found much less reassuring is this aspect of the Syndicate game will this overview. We were able to try, pad in hand, a short session showing this mode also worrisome unknown for fans of the series.

The small presentation of multiplayer options is needed first. Indeed, the Syndicate will offer to build your own union to dominate the world. New cooperative missions (some of which are taken directly from previous Syndicate series) and allow four players to team up online or locally. Each participant then has, as already mentioned above, a chip DART 6 implanted in the brain. This will allow you to hack some devices, and defensive turrets to move from room to room. Syndicate will also be possible to sabotage some tough opponents by disabling their shields for example. However, the real interest of this Syndicate neural implant is its ability to be repaired. Thus, you will face numerous waves of enemies and some of your teammates will inevitably leave life. You will then be up to reactivate their chip otherwise you can’t move forward. In addition, the deaths of the four protagonists will mean the end of the game. This support system will therefore be at the heart of gameplay as players will constantly check the health of their friends otherwise defeat is inevitable.



Unfortunately, the roles in the Syndicate will be more anecdotal. We are told various options such as play as a tank, pirate / doctor or scout, but I must admit that the little time we had to gauge the beast; everyone has acted as he wished, regardless of Syndicate specificities. This has not posed any problem and specialization thus appears rather limited. However, Syndicate will probably be called upon to be more and more pronounced as and as you progress. Each party will earn you points and pulled your opponents chips which can then be reused to improve one of your skills. For example, one can increase his health if we are to act as a shield or speed hacking. Syndicate will obviously not be possible to push all the indicators up to what is likely to impose a style of play for the most difficult missions.

The level was presented in turn to go out rather nice, although not true to the universe of the series. Syndicate may also miss the Syndicate linearity, but it is full of blankets and hiding with many enemies will not hesitate to take advantage. In addition, the action is intense and we end up literally duck on all sides, AI investing even the roofs of some buildings. In short, you will have already figured out, this little demo will be able to give us some pleasure, but not enough to convince us of the validity of the multiplayer mode. This will wait to discover the other maps in the program and the potential long-term. As Syndicate stands, this part of the Syndicate may shock some fans of the first hour and can run as a complement of the single-player friendly. However, it must be admitted: Syndicate is not bad.