The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition

Scheduled for next March but already in Coming soon, the famous Sims welcomes Katy Perry for Showtime Sims 3 Expansion Pack to launch The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition. A pack that will allow players of the game from EA to interact with the singer. Katy Perry was personally involved with Sims Studio in the creation of places and objects that can be found in this new version. The singer will also appear in the new video game advertising for the launch of the Expansion Pack.

Katy Perry is the new heroine of the game Sims 3. Play with her character and make your entire dreams star. Who has not dreamed of becoming Katy Perry does not even one day? Concert, makeup, hair clips, the life of the star always seems hectic and fun. That's why EA, which is developing the game Sims, decided to create a character Katy Perry. Katy Perry Sims 3 will appear in Showtime Katy Perry, a new version of Sims 3 Collector's Showtime where players have the mission to change their avatar star. Become a singer, dancer, DJ, acrobat or magician, everything is possible. And with this new game, fans of Katy Perry will be able to create his character, to evolve into a world of rhinestones and sequins and control its look.

Katy Perry is obviously delighted with this collaboration with Sims: I love how you're Able to play out different stories-through your Sims characters - giving different careers and watching 'em Them Succeed. It's cool to see the Sims' stage performance in The Sims 3 Showtime decked out just like my California Dreams Tour - Even My cotton candy video screens are in there! Always I like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now I'ma Sim! She has always dreamed of being a cartoon character is very happy to be a Sim.

The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition will contain the Showtime Sims 3 Expansion Pack more downloadable content (objects in the universe of Katy Perry, an Ultimate Stage and a bonus poster). Good news (or not) for all lovers of Simoleons: a collector's edition is planned for the add-on Showtime Sims 3.

On the cover, Katy Perry, who may be more interested in integrating into the pack Adventures in Babysitting in Showtime, as introduced the celebrity status. In this collector's edition, you will find costumes, set pieces for scenes, and a poster with the American singer. No price yet revealed, but for so little content, it is hoped that it is not too high. But given that this is a collector's edition, moreover with Katy Perry headlining, I doubt.

The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition

The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition

Content Collector's Edition
  • Sims 3 Game Showtime
  • A poster Katy Perry
  • Clothes and props Katy Perry
  • Two special picks

Experience the history of the meteoric success of your Sims and stay connected with your friends! Experience the rise to stardom of your Sim's happening on stage of a theater to another. And for the first time, The Sims 3 Showtime offers social, which Simport, a new feature that allows you to send your Sims in The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition to a friend! Your Sim can then occur in the theater of your friend before his Sims! Your Sims can live their dreams by becoming singers, acrobats, magicians and DJ. Watch them perform in front of other Sims and become stars or completely fail. A novel social characteristic: chat with friends, post messages on their walls, update your status and create lists of friends. With the new feature Simport, send your Sims in the game from a friend and turn the Sim of your friend in your game.