Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition Officially Announced

The greatest news for Street Fighter series fans has come, which mentions that the Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition is announced officially by Capcom. This is happen on the New York Comic-Con (NYCC) event that held in New York. At that event, Capcom officially announce that their upcoming crossover fighter game is one of the upcoming games this year. The developer also mentions that this new version will bring a unique system called Gem System. More on that, the producer also mention that this game will be available in pre order soon enough, so for you who are Street Fighter die-hard fans, this news is really great.

It will also coming in a bundle, which includes item that surely be treasured by hard core gamers all around the world. The bundle is includes Street Fighter X Tekken video game, 5 inch Arcade Cabinet Bank, Prequel Comic Book by UDON (exclusive), and 45 Extra Gems including all pre-order Bonus Packs. As for the release date, Street Fighter X Tekken video game will be available in all game stores in North America in March 6th. For the rest of Europe, this game will be launched 3 days after, the March 9th for various gaming consoles, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 30, PlayStation Vita, and PC. As if those bundle is not enough, there will be another special bonus gem for pre-order at select retailers, which giving the players an incentive to reserve their copy of the video game.

Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition

Let’s leave the Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition bundle for a while and get know to the game features. Well, there is no other word that appropriate to describe the Street Fighter X Tekken except that ‘Totally Amazing!!’ Why? Well it is as simply as this game offers something unique that probably never been thought before. One of the example is the gamers are free to modify and customize their characters with power ups or stat bonuses, which sometimes giving some additional recipes to new skills for their characters. Although this seems very much like RPG system, but the use of Gem System is really something new and very innovative.

Not to mention that Street Fighter X Tekken also able to deliver action fighting in 3D that features all the iconic characters from both games, so you can expect to find any of your favorite characters in those game in here, such as Law, Eddie, Yoshimitsu, and others from Tekken and absolutely Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-Li and more from Street Fighter. Various game modes are also available in this game, including classic arcade experience and some new modes that surely make gaming more challenging and fun. So, without saying another word, this Street Fighter X Tekken game is surely loved and easily popular by fighting genre fans all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the pre-order of Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition right now and prepare yourself for a great, awesome, and challenging fight between Street Fighter and Tekken Characters plus a lot of other items from Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition.