List of Rewards of Modern Warfare 3 Killstreak

Any FPS fans that played Call of Duty are surely love to get Modern Warfare 3 killstreak as they will get rewards depends on certain amount of kills. There are three kinds of rewards in killstreak system of Modern Warfare, which is assault strike package (offensive weapon), support strike package (defensive weapons), and specialist strike package. So, read each of those package list and decide which suits your playing style best.

Modern Warfare 3 Killstreak

Modern Warfare 3 Killstreak

Assault Strike Package Modern Warfare 3 killstreak rewards: 
  • 3 Kills for UAV; sweeping radar that able to reveal any enemy location on the HUD’s map 
  • 4 Kills for Care Package; a random assist item that dropped to your choosing location from helicopter
  • 5 Kills for IMS(Intelligent Munitions System);  a weapon that looks like a giant mine that able to launch explosive to enemy that steps within its radius, great for defending flags
  • 5 Kills for Predator Missile; a missile that can be controlled
  • 5 Kills for Sentry Gun; portable turret that can placed and pick up anywhere anytime
  • 6 Kills for Precision Airstrike; jets attack on the location the player have chosen
  • 7 Kills for Attack Helicopter; summon chopper that fires nonstop on enemies until the time runs out or destroyed
  • 9 Kills for Strafe Run; summon five helicopters that sweep and take out enemies on battlefield
  • 9 Kills for AH-6 Overwatch; chopper that protects player
  • 9 Kills for Reaper; call several missile strikes
  • 10 Kills for Assault Drone; remote-controlled drone to take enemy down remotely
  • 12 Kills for AC-130; massive aircraft for easier enemy take out
  • 12 Kills for Pave Low; stronger version of Attack Helicopter
  • 15 Kills for Juggernaut Armor; allow player to get more damage but reduce mobility
  • 17 Kills for Osprey Gunner; combining chopper gunner and care packages

Support Strike Package Modern Warfare 3 killstreak rewards:
  • 4 Kills for UAV
  • 5 Kills for Counter UAV; scrambles enemy radar for limited time
  • 5 Kills for Ballistic Vests; additional defense
  • 5 Kills for Airdrop Trap; deliver explosion in case of care packages to trick enemy
  • 8 Kills for SAM Turret; easier to get rid of airborne in the sky
  • 10 Kills for Recon Drone; remote controlled helicopter that stun enemies
  • 12 Kills for Advanced UAV; better than UAV
  • 12 Kills for Remote Turret; deployable sentry turret
  • 14 Kills for Stealth Bomber; bombs are dropped from stealth aircraft
  • 18 Kills for EMP; shuts down electronics temporarily
  • 18 Kills for Juggernaut Recon; heavy armor suit with riot shield and pistol
  • 18 Kills for Escort Airdrop; care packages dropped from Osprey that also able to protects your team

As for the Special Package Modern Warfare 3 killstreak rewards, there are only consists of perks, that if used properly, will become a great advantage over enemies. So, most of experts in COD MW 3 mostly targeting this Modern Warfare 3 killstreak rewards than the other 2 package rewards.