Skyrim Dictionary - Skyrim Skeleton Key

Skyrim Skeleton Key is a Lockpock that will never break as it is enchanted so. This lockpick is necessary on two in game quest, which are Blindsighter and Darkness Returns. Even so, this item is a Daedric Prince Nocturnal artifact. Although called unbreakable lockpick, this articfact does not automatically open locks as you still need to pick the lock. However, it is indeed you don’t have to worry about lockpicking anymore as this artifact is unbreakable. Also, this Skeleton Key can also be kept indefinitely so you can still use this artifact whenever you need without worrying your lockpicking skill anymore as your lockpicking skill will be increased after every lock opens.

Skyrim Skeleton Key

Skyrim Skeleton Key

How to obtain Skyrim Skeleton Key? Well, at the beginning, it was mentioned that this artifact has connection with two quests, the Blindsighted and Darkness Returns. So, the only way to obtain this artifact is by completing the Blindsighted quest, which is including on Thieves Guild quest. On this quest, player must kill Mercer Frey, and then they finally will obtain the Skeleton Key. Actually, after you obtain the Skeleton Key, you need to return the key to Ebonmere in Twilight Sepulcher. The task shows that there is actually the second function of Skeleton Key besides opening locks, which is to keep the luck flows to the world.

The task to complete this second quest, the Darkness Returns quest is simple, just return the Skyrim Skeleton Key to Ebonmere in Twilight Sepulcher in order to restore luck to their world but it also means you can no longer use this unbreakable lockpick anymore, what a pity. But wait! You can maximize the usage of this Skeleton Key to open any lock that you have found, the Darkness Returns quest completion can wait until you figures out what is behind the locked door that you have found all these times. And when your anxious have fulfilled, you are free to complete the quest and return the Skeleton Key to restore luck to the world. However, there is a single downside of the Skyrim Skeleton Key in term of lockpicking, which is it can only used on door that you could only open with standard lockpick. To make it simple, in most situations outside quest, Skeleton Key is just simply a standard lockpicking tool that never breaks.

On Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are also some bug found regarding this Skyrim Skeleton Key, which one of them are pretty critical bug. But leave that aside for now and see the first bug regarding Skeleton Key in Skyrim, which are you need to have at least one lockpick in your inventory when using the Skeleton Key. Otherwise, if you try to lockpick any door with the Skeleton Key but don’t have any other lockpick in your inventory, the game will report that you have run out of lockpick. This way, you cannot use the Skeleton Key anymore until you bring some lockpicks.

The second bug is the critical one as if you have not complete the Darkness Returns quest and this bug occur, then there will be no way to complete the quest. The bug is when you use the Skeleton Key to some quest from Thieves Guild such as the Forsworn Conspiracy, the Skeleton Key will disappear, which lead you to two options, restart the game or use the cheat code to bring back Skyrim Skeleton Key to your inventory.