Skyrim Lockpicking Tips and Tricks

Skyrim, a Western style Role-Playing Game provides vast game features and areas, Skyrim lockpicking is included. The fifth game of the Elder Scroll franchise provide you with 18 skills including Skyrim lockpicking skill that will enable you to lockpick locked doors, display cases, and chests. Actually, the system is somehow similar to Fallout 3’s lockpicking. The dragonborn holds a lockpick on his hand and a wrench on the other one. The lockpick is used to find the “sweet spot” of a lock and the wrench is used to turn the lock.

Lockpicks will eventually break if you turn the lock while the lockpick is in the wrong position. Don’t worry, you can always buy lockpicks and get it from loots. Now, to strengthen the lockpick and make Skyrim lockpicking much easier, I would recommend you to get the perks in the lockpicking skill tree. Regardless of your Skyrim lockpicking skill, your character can unlock every lock in the game even if your character is not a trained lockpicker. Mine is an orc, I never spend the skill points I got for Skyrim lockpicking skill. But, every time I find master-leveled locks, I always manage to get them unlocked. How the hell did I do that? Of course I will share you the tips and tricks. Here we go:

Skyrim Lockpicking Tips and Tricks

Skyrim Lockpicking

Know the Basics of Lockpicking!
A lockpick is required to lockpick a lock. When the lockpick is forced and too much pressured, it will break and the lockpicking process fails. You have to be patient to pick a lock. Don’t turn the wrench like crazy, instead, slowly turn it and tap the button, don’t press it. When you feel like it is stuck and the lockpick is not in the “sweet spot”, immediately stop and try another position. Even though it turns, do not rush the turning process because there is still a chance that your lockpick will be stuck in the process. If it does happen, you nearly got the right position.

Stock up Lockpicks!
Don’t be stingy; spending your hard-earned gold to buy lockpicks is not a waste. There are times that you will need your lockpicks, so, keep it well-stocked in your inventory.

Use Potions and Enchanted Equipment!
If you are having a hard time lockpicking a lock, you can opt to drink potions that will increase the chance of success. Enchanted equipment that increases Skyrim lockpicking skill are not bad.

Remember your Follower!
If you have a follower, don’t forget that you can order your follower to lockpick so that you can relax and ignore the guards.

Optional: Level up Your Skill!
Leveling up Skyrim lockpicking skill for Argonians is essential. Or maybe you just simply want an easier time on Skyrim lockpicking. What you need is hell a stockpile of lockpicks that you can carry. Now, find a master-leveled lock and break your lockpicks. You can find a master-leveled lock of a display case in Whiterun’s Dragonreach, in a room with stairs leading upstairs. But if you have already unlocked Dwemer Museum, you can find lots of it there. Every broken lockpick gets you experience for the lockpicking skill tree. Do it for an hour and you will probably already be a master lockpicker! But, if you have the big money and too lazy to pick a lock, you can increase your skill by learning it from NPC, like the wandering Khajiit merchants in front of Whiterun and also Vex of the Thieves’ Guild.

How to Lockpik in Skyrim for PC

If you don’t want the trouble of searching for lockpicks, there is a skill and an item that will get you unlimited tries of Skyrim lockpicking. The skill is called Unbreakable and can be obtained in the lockpicking skill tree, though lockpicking level at 100 is needed. The item that will never break when used to lockpick is the Skeleton Key. It is an artifact gotten from Thieves Guild’s quest.

So how was it? Easier Skyrim lockpicking, right?