Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism is Driving Me Crazy!

You seem to be confused and mad (or even enraged) about this Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism. You took a quest, strolled all the way to the Mzinchaleft ruins, and you knew that you will complete the quest in a matter of minutes. After that long, time-consuming walk, the item you needed to take was just a few steps away from you and BAM! You stumbled upon this huge platform, sticking out from the ruins’ ground, which is the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism and it said something about you missing an item you needed to activate it. It is impossible for you to take the loots that will surely made it worth your time and of course worth all the hardships you went through. But this stupid Dwarven Mechanism kept asking you for an item and you went frenzy looking and searching every corner of the ruin for hours just to find that there was no such thing in the ruins. You cried to your mama and asked her for help.

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism

Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism

You would be surprised that the item that is needed to activate the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism is just waiting to be taken in Septimus Signus possession. Signus will give the Attunement Sphere to dragonborn in a quest called “Discerning the Transmundane” that you can find in Septimus Signus’s Outpost, north of Winterhold. You just need to be at level 15 to activate the quest. So after all, you need to go back all the way to Winterhold to get that key. If I were you, i would restart the game all over.

Surprisingly, there are more than one of this nightmarish mechanism. They are not only found inside Mzinchaleft, but also inside Alftand and Raldbtha ruins. What’s the big deal about this Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism? Actually, it is not only a gateway to get the loots that you were craving for, but it is a way to get in the Blackreach. Blackreach is a place full of Falmer and glowing mushrooms. Sounds like a goddamned place. The story is that Blackreach was once a dwarven (dwemer) city, but it is long abandoned since the invasion of the evil mushrooms. Not really that goddamned though, because in that wide and vast area of Blackreach, you can find Geode Veins that allows you to produce soul gems or ores. And you can find various veins here like the orichalcum veins, gold veins, etc. There is a quest in Blackreach that you might want to complete, that requires you to harvest a crimson nirnroot to activate it. Looking for Vulthuryol the dragon? He is here too.

So why does Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism sit on those ruins? Because those three ruins are dwarven ruins that connects the outside world with the big ex-city of dwarven, Blackreach. But actually, they are not the only way into the legendary ex dwarven city. Blackreach can be found under the Tower of Mzark.

Now you have already know this thing that nearly made you went off the rail. You should not have any problem with it anymore. When you get that attunement sphere, the Skyrim Dwarven Mechanism will seem to be more friendly.


Pokémancer said...

Just wanted to say: THANK YOU!!! This place did IN FACT drive my entire family nuts as my wife, our son and I all tried to figure out what the bloody deal was with that thing!