Dragonstone Skyrim: Where is it?

The Dragonstone Skyrim is sometimes giving you a pain in the ass because it is easy to miss. It is the required item for the first story quest in Whiterun. Actually, the first time I searched for it, I literally missed it and I had to re-explore the dungeon from the front door since I had exited the dungeon and there is no shortcut access. Okay then, full story and description below.

Dragonstone Skyrim

Dragonstone Skyrim

Dragonstone Skyrim is an artifact about dragons located in the Bleak Falls Barrow, an ancient Nord tomb. The quest starts just after the dragonborn informs Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun about the dragon attack that destroyed Helgen and saved the dragonborn. Jarl Balgruuf then takes you to his court wizard called Farengar Secret-Fire. He is researching dragons for the sake of science and education. Farengar Secret-Fire will ask you to retrieve an ancient dragon artifact called the Dragonstone Skyrim in the Bleak Falls Barrow located in the snowy mountains. The dragonborn embarks on a journey to take the Dragonstone Skyrim from the dead.

So, the first step in the Dragonstone Skyrim quest is to get your ass up to the mountains to the Bleak Falls Barrow. You can reach the tomb either by following the road or brutally jumping and climbing from the rocky mountainside. It is recommended to complete the love triangle quest in Riverwood to get either Faendal or Sven as your follower. If you cannot afford to get to Riverwood, beat Uthgerd in a hand-to-hand brawl in the Bannered Mare to make her become your follower. She is an armored lady sitting on the corner of the bar. Whether you bring a follower or not, it is up to you. You will find your follower to be a very helpful bait in the last Dragonstone Skyrim battle.

Shortly after you arrive at the Bleak Falls Barrow, you will be greeted warmly with arrows from the tomb raider bandits. Beat them up and loot them if you have to. Enter the ancient Nord tomb from the door in the middle. The tomb is filled with bad guys and bad animals, so, prepare your gear for the battles for Dragonstone Skyrim.

In the tomb, you will encounter some tomb raider bandits that are seeking the Dragonstone Skyrim. Dispatch them in any way you prefer. Just follow the path in the tomb and you will find yourself in a room puzzle. Your objective is to find the 3 symbol combination for the ancient mechanism to open the stone door. It is actually easy, just look above the locked door. You will see 2 symbol carvings and a broken carving. The debris is on the ground and you can see the third symbol carving. If you prefer the fast way, I will tell you instead. The combination from the left is: snake, snake, whale. Voila! The door cracks open.

In the next room, you will be attacked by Skeevers. Butcher them and be careful because they carry diseases. A few more steps and you will see a doorway covered with webs. A Wounded Frostbite Spider will drop from the ceiling and attack you in the next room. Prepare yourself for the worst before removing the web from the doorway. After you kill the filthy thing, you will see a dark elf stuck in a web. This man is Arvel and he brings the Dragon Claw with him. He is a stingy little Dunmer, immediately kill him after releasing him from the web and loot his corpse to get the Dragon Claw.

There won’t be tomb raiders, skeevers, or nasty giant spiders after this part, you will fight living Nord corpses called Draugr. You will explore tunnels with resting corpses in the wall on your right and left. Some of them will rise from their rest to kill you. Kill them with anything you want, they are just ordinary mobs. Follow the tunnel and you will find another puzzle. We have to turn the ring on the wall and insert the key to the 3 keyhole. The key is the Dragon Claw itself and the clue to the puzzle is engraved on the Dragon Claw. Rotate the ring, from the outermost ring to the innermost: bear, dragonfly, owl. The stone door will unlock and auto-open. You are close to the Dragonstone Skyrim.

Explore the tunnel until you find yourself in a large room with a shining wall-engraving and a coffin near it. The Dragonstone Skyrim is in this room, make sure that you don’t activate the handle on the pillar and enter the doorway on the left of the chamber yet because it leads you outside and you will miss the Dragonstone Skyrim. Open the treasure chest by the coffin and make your preparation for a long fight with hordes of living dead. Examine the shining wall-engraving to get a word of power and wake the restless Draugr boss inside the coffin and his guardians. The guardians are regular draugr. The door will be locked and stuck by the Draugrs’ anger and won’t budge until the dragonborn erase all of the anger existence. The Draugrs are spawning from the coffin on the wall. The Draugr horde seems to be never-ending, but trust me, it will end. After you send the living Nord ancestor’ corpses to Sovngarde, the doors will unlock. Don’t forget to take the Dragonstone Skyrim from the Draugr boss’ body. Get the hell out of the creepy tomb and get back to Dragonsreach with the Dragonstone Skyrim.

Upon giving the Dragonstone Skyrim to Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach, you will be notified by Irileth that the guards have seen a dragon outside Whiterun and asks you to help her kill the dragon. Ignore her for now and talk to Jarl Balgruuf to get a unique Whiterun weapon and the access to purchase Breezehome. Those rewards are worth your time and effort.

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