WWE '12 Honest Reviews

WWE '12 has just released! If you're looking for WWE '12 reviews, you can find it in here. You can read WWE '12 honest reviews from real users. The popular WWE franchise returns in an exciting new edition with WWE '12. WWE Universe Mode 2.0 introduces new elements of unpredictability based on player decisions to keep gameplay fresh and authentic. Create the ultimate personalized WWE experience by developing and customizing your own Superstar, entrances, finishing moves, storylines, Highlight Reels and more. WWE '12 is available for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

WWE '12 Features

WWE '12

  • Enjoy new and improved features, including the Breaking Point submission Experience the latest edition of the renowned WWE franchise
  • system, new attributes, control layout, momentum and stamina
  • Feel like you're truly in the ring with the most fluid, dynamic, authentic and action-packed WWE simulation yet through the new Predatory Technology gameplay system
  • See every bone-crushing move in stunning detail with dynamic visual changes, including new animations, camera positions, lighting and improved rendering
  • Develop and customize your own Superstar, entrances, finishing moves, storylines, Highlight Reels and more for a personalized WWE experience
  • Immerse yourself in the suspense of new storylines in the Road to WrestleMania mode
  • Get ready for new elements of unpredictability based on player decisions in WWE Universe Mode 2.0
  • Choose from an impressive roster of WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends, including RandyOrton, John Cena, The Miz and the debuting Alberto Del Rio

You can read WWE '12 honest reviews from real users below:

WWE '12 Honest Reviews

WWE '12 Honest Reviews

Reviewed by Arbi Amiri

This is a very addictive game. I must have played it for 7 hours straight. There is a nice story line. You get all sorts of matches from 3 on 3 tag team and ladder matches and everything in between. I have played all the other WWE games and this one is by far the best. This is a very fun game even if your not a big WWE fan. The only draw back is if you play the "Road to Wrestlemaina" you don't get to choose a wrestler you get to play as Sheamus.

Reviewed by Happenstance Slugger "taco"

I will start my review by saying this is not a Smackdown vs Raw game with a different name. If are a fan of SDVR you might not even like this game. For others this will be a good thing that the action is different.

The menus are very similar to the last years game with alot of the same match options.
WWE Universe seems to be a little deeper this year and you can customize what titles, arena , and brand name you use for you show. For instance I put WCW instead of Smackdown.

There is a ton of title belts and arenas in the game as well as the option to make your own arena. Problem being that the arenas are glitchy, about 50% of the time half the ring canvas is blacked out.

The new game engine has it's pluses and minuses I start with the positives

The wrestlers move much smoother than in SD games
the match pacing is more realistic, you don't win a match in 2 minutes.
The moves seem to be more dramatic and just look way better in general.
The game just moves better and everything is more fluid.
I really like the new submission system alot better.

The negatives that I found in the actual wrestling in game is that
I don't really care for the control layout ( I believe this can be altered and I have not checked into any others yet so this may be moot).
There seems to be less moves overall that your wrestler has at their disposal and I seem to pull off alot of the same moves over and over again. Especially early on in the match before you opponent gets groggy and are able to execute the bigger slams.
Pin system seem hit and miss. Sometimes i hit the meter dead on and it still counts on me.

Then there are somethings that are good and bad like the AI seem to be smarter and actually attacks appropriate to the situation for the most part. They still dont do a wide variety of things and the reversals are out of control this year.

There is alot more that can be said but I just wanted to weigh in objectively for people who have not played the game because there is not many reviews up for it at this time and they one of them I saw was a 9/10 IGN and Game Informer gave it a very low score like 5.5/ 10. I myself would give it a 8.5 out of 10. It is alot of fun and the new predator system is a step in the right direction IMO but the game also has it's fair share of glitches , none game breaking but some are pretty significant. It is different enough from the last smackdown game that if you are on the fence about buying it you may want to rent it first. I think some people may not like it do to the fact it is slower paced and more difficult.

(update) I reloaded the game and haven't had any more issues with the ring shading and tearing problems.

Reviewed by B. Belmonte "Mr. Green"

OK so I'm just gonna write a quick review on the game so far since there aren't any yet (I will re-edit as I get more gamplay in). First off the first thing I noticed and am sure everyone else did was the controls, different but after a few matches you get the hang of things very quick. The menu is similar to SVR 2011 but an updated feeling, matches are the same but didn't see a "First Blood" match. Gameplay is smooth and fun once you get a hang of everything, though it seems like you get less grapple moves with the new control layout but still I've only had for half a day so far. Besides having one of the most complete rosters in a wrestling game the WCW invasion was a huge selling point for me since I was a major fan of WCW, but wish there were more WCW characters included (already online have seen awesome CAWs and Arenas to be downloaded). There are a ton of belts in the game too from everything that was in SVR 2011 to 3 different Tag Team belts, European Belt, Attitude Era belt, 2 WCW belts, Undisputed Belt, Hardcore Belt, Classic Intercontinental, Light-Heavyweight, Champion of Champion, Classic ECW, Cruiserweight, and a few others so you can imagine all the match possibilities there are. There has been mixed reviews on Road To Wrestlemania with being able to pick 3 characters and repeated cut scenes but so far I've enjoyed everything on this game. So as I play more I will have a more detailed review, I just wanted to put something up so people could see, enjoy.

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