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Inspired by the Disney/Pixar feature film Toy Story and the 4D Toy Story Mania! attraction that launched at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort last year, Toy Story Mania! is now headed exclusively to the Nintendo Wii. Join all the classic Toy Story characters in Toy Story Mania! as Woody, Buzz and the gang stage their own zany, fun-filled carnival. Toy Story Mania! allows players to participate in familiar and all-new carnival-inspired shooting galleries and win top prizes in mini-games. The game features multiplayer competitive and cooperative modes supporting up to two players, providing hours of fun. Bonus unlockables let players experience parts of the game in eye-popping 3D. Here are the Toy Story Mania features:

Toy Story Mania Features

Toy Story Mania!

  • Experience bonus levels in 3D and compete against family and friends for top prizes.
  • Engage in 10 fast-paced shooting galleries - some adapted from the theme park attraction, others brand new and original to the game.
  • Includes 30 addictive mini-games.
  • Team up to unlock Easter eggs (hidden game features and items) and collectibles.
  • Four-player game support competitive and cooperative multiplayer options.
  • In-game tickets allows players to buy "Sticker Books" that feature different game characters that can be used to build your own in-game scenarios based on certain themes.

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Toy Story Mania Reviews

Toy Story Mania Reviews

Reviewed by Simple Style

The game is very much like the ride at WDW. The carnival-style activities are somewhat repetitive, but reasonable.

The menu system is horrible. There are no labels for the menu options and no clues that the B button is the way to go back. If you finally navigate your way through, the activities are entertaining.

The 3D is lack-luster and the game is finished very quickly.

Though my young children find the activities challenging and are entertained by their favorite characters, any child with video game skills will find this boring quite quickly.

It's is worth renting for the weekend or buying second-hand.

Reviewed by C. Vegan

I am a huge fan of all things Disney, and usually greatly enjoy there video games. However, this game grew old on me very quickly. The game concept is that of the ride in Disney, which is shooting out targets. Compared to the ride, the scenes are the same, a Buzz Lightyear space ranger level, Bo's balloon pop, Hamm and Rex's animal farm, the Green Army men's plate breaking, and Woody's Roundup shooting gallery. There are a few seperate levels for each scene, most of which are the basic point and shoot, though there are goals each level, some of which can be tricky to get, so there is some challenge to them. There are also a few mini games each level, such as a watch the cup - find the hidden coin game with Bo and a table tilt game with the Green Army Men.

The game does have a few cons. The biggest being that there is no way to save anything during story mode, though whatever games you complete all the onjectives for and get unlocked, do remain unlocked if you shut down the Wii without saving. The game also only took about an hour for me to play through the complete story mode, which is much too short in my opinion, though you are rewarded tickets based on your score, so you'll be playing story mode several times to unlock all the free play content.

The game is fun for a few hours, and free play is fun for a group, but it can, and does, get boring very quickly.

Reviewed by Wendy E. Lindberg

I bought this for my 4 year old. We had just been to Disneyland and Toy Story Mania was his favorite ride. The game is not just like the ride but very similar. Once you get to free play which is easy to do it is a lot more fun then when you first start playing. I have a 13 year old a 10 year old and a 7 year old and they all love it. I love to play it with my 4 year old.

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