Skyrim for Xbox 360 Reviews From Real Users

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can be played on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. If you own Xbox 360 and want to buy Skyrim, you can read these Skyrim for Xbox 360 reviews first before you buy this game! These Skyrim for Xbox 360 reviews are written by real users. Anyway, I also written about Skyrim for PC reviews and Skyrim for PS3 reviews.

Skyrim for Xbox 360 Reviews

Skyrim for Xbox 360 Reviews

Reviewed by Steve

I just got this game, having been a fan of the Elder Scrolls Series since Daggerfall and I have to say this is an incredibly impressive game. The story (so far) has been incredibly rich and the world seems larger than Oblivion, about on par with Morrowind. It also has a far darker feel than Oblivion (one of my chief complaints with that particular game), and also sports a slightly more coherent story line. That isn't to say that the game is perfect though, it is an incredible game that strives to really push the open world RPG genre, but a little unpolished. What I mean by this is that the game lack a little bit in textures (especially in when is snows and you're close to an object_ and that there are a lot of areas where your character can get stuck. Also, while I haven't experiences this problem my younger brother is fairly upset by it, this problem is that the game unexpectedly freezes quit often and has trouble loading. Overall this is another amazing game from the Elder Scrolls Series and I would definitely recommend it to any fan of the previous games or the last two Fallout games. Just be ready for some fairly aggravating flaws (that will hopefully be fixed with a patch/update in the near future).

Reviewed by Dan

I love Elder Scrolls, I played Oblivion and I loved that game. I played that a million times over. I intend to do the same for Skyrim! I love the finishers they added while it combat, including with the dragons! All though jumping on a dragons head and stabbing his nose seems a little strange to me lol. But regardless, I love it. The leveling system is new and interesting and I love the inventory system. Things seems more accessible to me. I love the mixing of the spells too. Personally I'm not much of a magic guy though, I'll still stick to a sword and shield, but occasionally I like to incinerate a fox or wolf! :D Overall, best $60 that I spend $15 on ever! :)

Reviewed by Aleister Crowley

This game has just taken it's rightful place as my favorite game of all time. I've played every Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind as well as both Bethesda Fallouts. Morrowind was my favorite of all time... until Skyrim came. The graphical quality is very similar to Oblivion, but the attention to detail is far greater this time around. If you're expecting a graphical quantum leap then you will probably be disappointed. But the world is none the less gorgeous and meticulously detailed. Characters are one area where you can tell more care has been taken graphically, they are simply gorgeous regardless of type. Speaking of their behavior, they are much more convincing than they were in Oblivion. Creatures and humanoids really seem to come alive.

Where the game really takes a turn is the action and leveling system. Battles are much more fluid now and a bit more strategic. Combat is fun and it works well in both 3rd and 1st person views. The spell system is not as open-ended as it was in Morrowind or Oblivion, but spells seem more truly varied in their effects and of course the graphics for the spells themselves GREATLY trumps Oblivion. You can now dual wield spells and weapons, in any combination that you would like. This makes for a much better action experience, and it really does seal the deal. One of my greatest qualms with Oblivion was how leveling made your character feel weaker and required a great deal of distraction in order to level efficiently. This is gone from Skyrim. You now level up gradually when any skill is raised and there is no need to focus MORE on secondary skills than on skills you actually use. You select from three stats after leveling, regardless of how you leveled. There is no requirement to keep detailed notebooks on the leveling process or anything like that if you want to be powerful. You can focus on the story and action, which is how a Bethesda RPG SHOULD BE. You just do your thing and you level when you level. Also gone are the level-scaled enemies. You will face more powerful enemies as you level up, but you will also face the weaker enemies as well. It gives your character a sense of growing power, which is important in an RPG. As I said, the spells seem to have been trimmed down significantly in number, but the individual spells seem more varied and functional. Ice spells slow characters down in addition to damage, fire spells add damage over time, shock spells damage magicka as well health. Nothing seems wasted or overly situational. The perk system is basically a talent tree and it is much better than even the Fallout series.

I won't talk much about the story. This is an open and free world, and the story is ALWAYS great in a Bethesda RPG. This is my favorite Elders Scrolls tale yet. It can happen in any number of ways and your decisions will matter in this world. You can read a large number of books in game, and sometimes it can give you clues that will lead you to treasure or better strategies for playing.

In short, this game has taken it's place as my favorite game of all time. It now trumps the mighty Morrowind for me. I think even people who couldn't get into Oblivion could probably get into this game, especially fans of action games and FPS type games.

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