Skyrim for PS3 Reviews From Real Users

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released since November 11, 2011. Skyrim is availale for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. If you are a PS3 gamer and interested to buy this game, I recommend you to read Skyrim for PS3 reviews in here!

Skyrim for PS3 Reviews

Skyrim for PS3 Reviews

Reviewed by BIGJAKE

I started playing the elder scrolls games with morrowind, moved on to oblivion and loved them both. skyrim is by far one of the greatest RPG games i have ever played and i will continue to play for along time. I have played many RPG games and for the first time ever i got a feeling of what it might be like to fight a dragon. i wish i could shake the hand of every man who helped make this game and thank them for every hour to come of joy with this game. to all the people that just hated on this game, you had no idea what you were buying and it would probably be best if you just did not say anything to ruin this games should be perfect score.

Reviewed by Shane Allen Windham

As with most RPG's in this era of gaming, Skyrim delivers a vast amount of choices to be made and places to be seen. What makes this game different however, is its lack of a linear equation. You really have to wonder if any two people will ever have the same experience playing through this game. While there are plot points to be found, you are not likely to ever stumble across them the same way twice. And, depending on how you approach your experiences and choices, the game will always unfold differently. I'm guessing I will likely still be seeing new things well after my 10th playthrough.

Without question, this is the most beautiful game I have ever seen where landscapes are concerned. At times character models and certain parts of cutscenes still take on that unnatural look or set of movements so commonly found in RPG's. But I literally cannot even think of another game which looks this good.

The people and places of this world are engaging and memorable. The voice acting is fine tuned. And there's always something new to be had with this experience. Just when you think you've seen every creature or enemy, something else comes charging at you.

The more you use certain types of skills, the more proficient you become with them. But the game also gives a mass amount of freedom in the area of perks; leaving you feeling as though you aren't on some unalterable path if you primarily like to use magic, for instance. You'll still find the ability to become a badass with swords, armor, etc. There are also the powers hidden around the world which further aid in your development, but aren't directly associated with your class. All in all, this leaves you with a character you will consistently feel good about; as the room to improve upon or make changes is completely suited to your liking.

You'll likely find that both 1st and 3rd person view modes have their pros/cons, and will therefore move freely between the two points of view, depending on the situation in which you find yourself. And although some battling in this game still gives the impression of play fights (so common in RPG's), many of the kills present in Skyrim are much more akin to brutal melee kills in modern day first person shooters. These types of kills are beyond satisfying.

If I have to point out the bad (which, of course, I feel I have to), I'd warn that the game doesn't always give great direction with regard to control function and item sorting/selecting/assigning. If you're familiar with role playing games in general, you'll know this is nothing new to any such experience. But one would have hoped that, in a game this groundbreaking, they would have addressed controlling and modifying with a few quick tutorials. But perhaps that's not even worth complaining about. Maybe it's something I want until I have, and then I realize that such things take away from the adventuring spirit of this game.

In short, this is the best RPG I've ever touched. Many will play this game for years and not tire of it, or stop thirsting for another venture into these gorgeous vistas; packed with ever-new twists and turns. If you have any kind of appreciation for beauty and exploration, then you should buy this game right now. For no one has ever done role playing this well. They may never do it this well again. All its lacking is the ability to share it with friends through some type of multi-player or co-op. But then, this is meant to be your adventure, yours alone, to guide.

Overall: 9/10

This is an excellent addition to the Elderscrolls name. The upgrades from Oblivion are minor (mostly cosmetic), but I definitely have enjoyed them (many lessons learned from Fallout 3). I think the combat system is still the weakest aspect of Elderscrolls games, but I've never these games for those anyways! If you want an exploration and mood/environment immersion style game this one is for you!

Reviewed by Alma Hubbard "DobyFree"

i have been playing for 24 hours now everything is truly AMAZING the hole game is down right EPIC and its just perfect in every way. this review will be updated as soon as i have the info.

10/10 graphics
10/10 gameplay
10/10 awesomeness
10/10 battle system
10/10 character modal
10/10 in all areas of AMAZING!!!!!!

Why are you sitting there deciding on making a buy for this game? definitely don't think about it.

any problems with SKYRIM on PS3 NO freezing No Hang ups No Problems whatsoever i have been playing into the ground a few times it seemed slow about loading at one time it try's to freezes but it won't do it. if it seems as though it froze up just wait a few minutes it'll load. its tried this a lot on me...

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