Xbox Red Ring of Death and Troubleshooting Tips

Xbox Red Ring of Death or RRoD is the nickname of 3 flashing red lights that mean Xbox 360 has a serious problem that requires service of the Console or Power Adapter. Xbox Red Ring of Death also known as Red Light of Death or Red Ring of Doom, echoing Windows Blue Screen of Death error. Xbox Red Ring of Death has been a major problem with Xbox 360 devices and more than 5 million people are get the same problem.

Xbox Red Ring of Death

Xbox Red Ring of Death
There are 2 reasons why does the Xbox Red Ring of Death happen:
  1. The console is getting insufficient power
  2. The console is overheating

On the Xbox 360 S model, a flashing red light means that the console is overheating, the console will automatically power off to protect itself from overheating.

Here are the pictures of Xbox 360 Error Codes, I hope it can help you to identify the problems on your Xbox 360. I got this picture from Wikipedia:

Xbox 360 Error Codes

If you get Xbox Red Ring of Death, you can try troubleshooting tips below before you repair your Xbox 360:
  • Restart your Xbox 360
  • Reconnect the hard drive
  • Reconnect all cables and power cords
  • Bypass all electrical impediments
  • Use a wall outlet in a different room
  • Resolve any power brick issues
  • Your Xbox 360 must run cool

If all troubleshooting tips above failed, the last chance to fix your Xbox 360 is repair it.