5 Tips for Choosing a Cheap Laptop to Play Games

Laptop is a luxury item whose price is quite high. But over time the development of technology and mobile computing, laptop prices are now more friendly on the pocket. But unfortunately, for gamers, a decent laptop use to play games is a type of top which was still expensive given that some games require the specification of hardware requirements are quite heavy.

Actually, the assumption is not always true. Today, many laptops at affordable prices under $ 1,000 who already have qualified enough ability to play the latest games.

Here are the 5 tips so you are not wrong to choose a laptop that will be used to play games, and certainly without having to force you to break into a savings account.

5 Tips for Choosing a Cheap Laptop to Play Games

5 Tips for Choosing a Cheap Laptop to Play Games

1. Do not stick with the big VGA memory
Most users stuck with the amount of VGA memory. This sort of thing a gap for rogue sellers to seduce consumers buy its products under the pretext of a large memory. Whereas the principal of a VGA is the chipset.

Keep in mind when series graphics card chipsets in laptop graphics chipset is a mobile version that can not be compared with a dedicated graphics chipset for desktop computers. Such as when you are choosing a laptop with Nvidia 560M graphics card then the performance will not be as powerful as the desktop version of the GTX 560, although the same type of chipset.

This difference is more affected due to heat and power consumption are more stringent for laptops. Also make sure you do not choose a laptop with VGA onboard (such as the Intel GMA) if you want to use it for gaming. This is because the onboard VGA will not be able to run games smoothly.

2. Choose a laptop that offers ease of upgrade components
Some laptops provide a choice for some components (like RAM, VGA and hard drives) can be upgraded. As much as possible look for the series that support for these needs.

If you have more funds, you can replace components without the need to buy a new laptop. So, do not forget to ask the seller whether the replacement of certain components on the notebook can be done easily or not.

3. Note the size and screen resolution
Screen size and resolution are often closely linked, and this is very important for a game. The higher resolution screen, the heavier demands of a game will be a good graphics chip.

So if your laptop is only equipped with a graphics chip mediocre, then the screen resolution is too high will cause the game runs with a minimum setting and a bit slow.

The screen size itself is also important, given the play on a screen that size is too small will obviously interfere with the fun game play itself. We suggest, at least you are choosing a laptop with a screen measuring 14 inches or 15 inches if you travel frequently took him, or with a screen measuring 17 inches, if you intend to use it as a desktop replacement and you do not often carry it.

4. Ensure connectivity as needed
To be able to play games comfortably, you will not be able to rely on the touchpad. For that you need a keyboard and mouse gaming quality.

Make sure your laptop has enough USB ports to attach a mouse, keyboard, gamepad / joystick and a laptop cooler, because when used to run heavy applications such as gaming laptop will heat faster.

Consider also whether your laptop has HDMI or at least a VGA connection, so any time you can connect a laptop to a TV or monitor with a larger screen size.

5. The highest specification not necessarily mean the best
Do not stick with the highest series laptop that you will buy. It is better to choose a laptop that is lower than the 1-2 series top series, because their performance will not be too far away but with the price difference is quite a lot.

Five tips that have been mentioned above is a technical guide when looking for a cheap laptop for playing games. Not a few other factors that could make the decision to change when arriving at the store where you buy. As a specific promo or discount shopping specials ahead of the holiday celebration.