Playstation Bluetooth Headset Review

Playstation bluetooth headset is one of the Playstation 3 headsets on the market. There are old version and new version of Playstation bluetooth headset, but now I'll write about the new version. Playstation bluetooth headset is a must have headset for the intense multiplayer gaming only available on the Playstation Network. It designed exclusively to improve the gameplay experience. The Bluetooth head set leverages innovations in voice technology to create next generation capabilities to the Playstation 3 system. It is user-friendly because easy pairing with the Playstation 3 system, in-game head set status indicator, included charging cradle and easily accessible microphone mute button. It features High-Quality (HQ) mode which provides wide-band and dual microphone input to enable accurate speech recognition required to support “voice command” and “voice animation” features that will be offered in select games on the PS3 system.

You're also can use this Playstation bluetooth headset for Bluetooth-enabled cell phone because it supported the bluetooth 2.0 standard and compatible with bluetooth 1.1 and higher devices.

Thanks to its compact, ergonomic design, the headset fits comfortably on either ear for hours of use. Sony smartly put a large mute button that is easily accessible, making it especially friendly to gamers.

Here are some pictures of Playstation bluetooth headset:
Playstation bluetooth headsetPlaystation bluetooth headset side
Playstation bluetooth headset frontPlaystation bluetooth headset charged

Do you want to know what gamers say about Playstation bluetooth headset? Here are what they said about it!

My life is now divided into before bluetooth, and after. I always thought they were gimmicky and for jerks to use because they were too important to be bothered with holding a phone. I got this just to play Call of Duty: Black Ops with friends back where i grew up. On the PS3 it's great but let's face it, highly optimized drivers will do that for you. It's comfortable enough but the ear hook doesn't secure as well as i'd hoped. I've managed to bump it off while trying to adjust the volume a couple times. I'm also fairly convinced the battery indicator the PS3 displays is not uniform. There are three bars of battery but it takes hours for the first bar to disappear, the second one takes less time, and the third one went away during 7 rounds of Zombies in CoD. It was dead the next round.

When i paired this with my cell i was amazed at the clarity both in what i was saying and what i was hearing. I expected it to sound like i was on speakerphone but everyone swears they can't tell if i'm on the phone or bluetooth. I've actually since purchased headsets of another brand for both me and my wife due to Philly's anti-cell driving laws so i can leave the PS3 headset at home.

I docked a star because unlike many on the Playstation Network, i use the mute button on my headset if i'm going to talk to someone else in the room or yell across my apartment rather than confuse/deafen the other players. The problem is that pushing the mute button pushes the earpiece into the ear which is a health hazard at worst and uncomfortable at best, requiring adjustment of the headset after each press. The 2 headsets i got for the car have the mute buttons on the side so you don't press into your ear to engage/disengage.

Review by EagleScout316

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