Playstation 3 Headsets - List of PS3 Headsets

There are so many Playstation 3 headsets on the market, but which one is the best? That's depend on your need. I'm going to create list of PS3 headsets for you, I sort the list by most customer reviews. I hope the list of Playstation 3 headsets can be useful for you to choose the best PS3 headset for you!

Ok, here the list of Playstation 3 headsets. Check it out!

Playstation 3 Headsets

PS3 Bluetooth Headset (old version)

The Official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 from Sony will keep you looking stylish whether you are barking orders at your teammates or chatting with your mother on the phone. Thanks to Bluetooth support, the headset will do double-duty, working with both the PS3 and Bluetooth-enabled phones.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset (old version)

Honest Review by 305 Castle "Chino"

I have used various head sets in the past. They all have certain cons that prevent a fast flowing game play. Headsets that i have used have audio issues. Sometime I cant hear what is going on other times I cant hear what my peers are saying. Other issues include battery life. The headsets would die quickly especially in the heat of the moment. A complete buzz killer. After much research and continuous random use, I have found the perfect head set. Sony's headset is perfect , long lasting and the quality is far superior to every other headset I have ever used. The price justifies the quality Sony built in to the head set.No complaints at all. Every game is more precise ,and organized than previously before. Highly recommended gaming accessory!!!

PS3 Bluetooth Headset (new version)

The Bluetooth Headset leverages advances in voice technology to bring next generation features to the PLAYSTATION 3 system. It features High-Quality (HQ) mode which provides wide-band and dual microphone input to enable accurate speech recognition required to support “voice command” and “voice animation” features that will be offered in select games on the PS3 system. Easy pairing with the PS3 system, in-game Headset status indicator, included charging cradle and easily accessible microphone mute button make it user-friendly. Designed specifically to enhance the gameplay experience, this is a must have Headset for the intense multiplayer gaming only available on the Playstation Network.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset (new version)

Honest Review by AKA-M_Z

the mic has really good sound quality, a really nice look to it, great setup such as the buttons and features and a nice looking yet some what tiny fragile charging stand. theres NO delay in the mic, no echo & great sound quality on both ends if u want a good top quality mic this is definetly the one to buy... its not that expensive it looks cool and it is very easy and clear to have a conversation with someone for hours.. the 1 and ONLY problem i have with this mic is the piece that actually goes into your ear.. i hate having things in my ear even earbuds for music... if this doesnt bother u and ur comfortable with that then no problem but for mit it is a bit weird. but overall this is a great product and when playing and talking its not that irratating. 9/10

Logitech PlayStation 3 Vantage USB Headset

Experience superior comfort and audio clarity with the Logitech USB Headset for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. The digital USB audio processor and noise-canceling microphone produce crystal-clear sound and high-quality voice input for command recognition and voice chat for games like SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. The adjustable headband and interchangeable earpads provide exceptional comfort for long gaming sessions. Requires PlayStation games that support a Logitech USB headset.

Honest Review by Banini

I was searching for a microphone for my PS3, so i reviewed some of them, i got the sony bluetooth but i was not going to spend $45 USD for something that can i miss also they told me this ones pick up lot of noise arround, so i notice logitech got 1 micrphone compatible with Play station 3 , i readed some information about it , and i was like wow lets give it a try .
when it arrive first of all, Nice Box ! i opened it and wow really good material and very soft the piece that goes with your ear,

Time to test it
VERY COOL MICROPHONE ! everyone can hear me very good, and sound very good 2 !


No Batery
Long Cable [NICE !]
Logitech Good Material
Soft ear piece
Really comfortable !

PS3AC EX-01 Wireless Headset

The EX-01 Wirless Headset has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, not mobile phones. So you can now maximise your game time without an irritating, uncomfortable earpiece, and still hear your opponent creeping up behind you! Not only is the EX-01 one of the most comfortable gaming headsets, its also easily paired to your PS3 and intuitively controlled via the ergonomic volume and mute buttons. We’ve even added reversible earhooks, so you can choose which side to wear it.

Honest Review by Sean A. Gerardi "Maverick"

I love this headset. I was initially trying to use a Samsung bluetooth headset designed for use with a cell phone. That wasn't working out so well. The pairing was a pain the butt and it constantly lost sync and then wouldn't be able to find it unless I restarted the console. This headset was a breeze to sync and it popped up right away when scnaning in the PS3 setting. I have yet to lose sync and the sound quality and comfort level is just superb. For the price, you really can't beat this!

PS3 Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset

The Ear Force P11 combines premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and PC/Mac to create a truly immersive audio environment. The P11 is like two headsets in one: a stereo USB headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. That means you can independently control chat and game sound from a single control box whether you’re playing PS3 or PC games. Big, comfortable ear cups with a lightweight, rugged design provide the ultimate in comfort for long gaming sessions.

The P11 gives you a huge advantage because you'll be able to hear sound cues that others will miss. You’ll react faster and take them out before they even know what's going on. If you’re serious about your PS3 gaming, then get serious about the sound! Step up to the Ear Force P11 and become a better player while experiencing your games as they were meant to be heard.

Honest Review by Mikel23XD

Just got my headphones today and gotta say im very happy with them bass in these headphones are amazing even when volume is low bass still sneaks up on u also they are very light and fit snug around my head if u are looking for good quality headphones i would advise getting them.

PS3 Komodo Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Keep your head in the game and your hands at the controls with the Komodo Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Playstation 3. Its lightweight design fits securely over your ears, so you never again have to worry about the tell-tale feel of a headset slipping off the crown of your head. Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology frees you from the scourge of easily tangled wires. The headset charges directly from your Playstation 3 in less than one hour, providing you with up to six hours of talk time and 250 hours in standby.

Honest Review by Ryan

I bought this headset because I simply refused to pay 50 bucks for the official one. It seems to work just fine, it's a little quiet in your ear and a little uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Overall however, the price was right, people can hear me and it's nice to have playing friends online.

PS- Make sure you charge it fully before you use it and make sure it's not charging when you try to connect it to the PS3. For whatever reason, when charging it's off and can't be found by the PS3

So, from all Playstation 3 headsets above which is your favorite one? Please share your favorite headset by put your comment below.