Playstation 3 Demos - Download Instructions

Playstation 3 demos are now live! If you don't know which games to buy, you can download for Free many playable demos from the Playstation Network! It's so useful because you can try the games first before you decide which games that you want to buy. You're also can keep up-to-date on games as they prepare for release.

You'll need the following things to download Playstation 3 demos:
  • PS 3 console
  • Internet connection

If you want to know how to download playable demos to the Playstation 3, you must read the instructions below:
  1. Turn on your Playstation 3 console.
  2. Scroll right to the Network menu and choose "Playstation Store."
  3. Using the left joystick to move the cursor, click on "Games."
  4. Click on "Game Demos"
  5. Click on the left and right arrows until you see a game you would like to download. Click on that game's icon with the cursor.
  6. Click "Download." The demo will begin to download. Click "Perform in Background" to continue browsing, or to leave the PlayStation Store.
  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 if there are other demos you wish to download. You can download more than one thing at once, and you can manage your downloads in "Download Management" in the Network Menu.
  8. When a game is finished downloading, you can install it by clicking on the game icon in the Game section of the Main Menu.

I hope this article can be useful for you who want to download Playstation 3 demos. If you need information about PS3 headsets, you can read my article about Playstation 3 headsets.