Angrey Birds Game and Walkthrough

Angrey Birds is very addictive game! It developed by Rovio Mobile. You can play Angrey Birds on PC, Chrome, Smartphone, iPhone, etc. You're also can find so many Angrey Birds walkthrough in here. Anyway, I'll tell you the name for each Angry Bird. Because most of people didn't know their name, usually they called by their colors. Here the names of Angrey Birds:
  • Mood Breaker (Red Angry Bird)
  • Egg Beater (White Angry Bird)
  • Kamikaze Bird (Black Angry Bird)
  • Parabreak (Green Angry Bird)
  • Glass Jaw (Blue Angry Bird)
  • Maching Bird (Yellow Angry Bird)

You can watch the picture below for more detail

Angrey Birds

If you want to download and play Angrey Birds on your device, you can search it on Google. If you want to download Angrey Birds Rio for PC, you can read my article about Download Angry Birds Rio for PC. I also shared about how to play Angry Birds on Google Chrome. Currently, Angrey Birds also can be played on Google+. I'll write about it on the different article.

I've wrote complete walkthrough for Angry Birds Poached Eggs, you can search it on the search box above. For another walkthrough, I'll write it in this blog.

I hope Angrey Birds information above can be useful for you who want to play Angry Birds.