Play Angry Birds on Your Google Chrome!

Now, you can play Angry Birds on Google Chrome! If you haven't Google Chrome yet, you can download it first for free. Who is not familiar with the game's phenomenal angry birds? Game is about a flock of birds against an enemy they are pigs. Game created by Rovio Mobile is very popular with mobile users based IoS, Symbian and Android. In some of these mobile platforms, this game can be played for free.

Angry Birds on Google Chrome

Now the game can not only be played from the mobile device. The game can also be played on computers. If you want to know how to play the angry birds from the computer, there are 2 ways. The first way, you must first download Angry Birds to your desktop. The second way, you can simply install the browser and play it via Browser.

I've tried to play this game in the browser Google Chrome 11.0. Simply open your Google Chrome browser and enter the address Make sure you are connected to the internet yes to play it. The game is well played in the browser I use google chrome.

So, let's play Angry Birds on Google Chrome! If you do not have Google Chrome, first download it on the


Unknown said...

Using Google Chrome version of Angry Birds on a home computer, how do you get multiple bird bursts since there is no touch screen like on an iPhone??